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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Brazil

The specific production process is described below. brown fused alumina with high calcination temperature will have increased density and reduced strength when the body is dried. The green body cast with alumina slurry calcined at 1650 ~ 1750 ° C will reduce the strength by 20% like bricks. The first method is suitable for large-scale production in the factory, synthetic corundum which is fast and simple.

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Before firing to 1000 ° C, The proportional relationship of this intensity is still maintained. Industrial brown aluminum oxide should pass through a 60um sieve (10000 holes / cm2), and less than 10um should account for about 95%. Adding uncalcined industrial alumina. The firing temperature below 1400 ~ 1470 ℃ can reduce the deformation and increase the temperature. Deformation increases.  The orientation of the green silicon carbide flaky particles causes deformation.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers brazil)

The brown aluminium oxide calcined alumina has a higher firing shrinkage rate in the vertical direction than in the parallel direction, showing anisotropy. This is due to the flaky structure of the high-temperature calcined alumina. Wet grinding is used to expand and expand the particle composition range. The anisotropy of the shrinkage of the casting body increases with the increase of the aluminum oxide abrasive calcination temperature. In the case of bad bodies, anisotropic shrinkage does not occur.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers brazil)Specific gravity method, the true specific gravity of white alumina-Al2O3 and a-Al2O3 are very different. To eliminate the anisotropic shrinkage of the calcined alumina body at 1750 ℃, MgO can be added during the alumina calcination, and trihydroxyethylamine is added in the vibration mill to ensure that the alumina forms equiaxed grains. The black silicon carbide firing deformation of the green body is related to shrinkage. The deformation mainly occurs at high temperatures.

The pink corundum calcination temperature is increased to 1650 ~ 1750 ℃. Due to the difficulty of grinding, the content of fine particles is less than 50%, the true porosity of the product is 7.5%, the flexural strength is 140 ~ 170MPa, the E breakdown (Ep) is less than 16kV / mm, 1 kHz. The dielectric loss tan8 increases with the aluminum oxide grit calcination temperature (from 1550 ° C to 1750 ° C), from (2.2 ~ 7) × 10 ~ * to (4 ~ 11) × 10 ~ 4.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers brazil)

How to judge whether the calcined raw material is completely converted into a-Al2O3? It can be identified by silicon carbide abrasive staining, true density, microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The dyeing method uses the characteristics of a-Al2O3 and -Al2O3 to have different capabilities for dyes; the pre-burned industrial emery abrasive is placed in methylene blue dye during identification, and then washed out with water. If the blue frame is full, it means that the softening is complete.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers brazil)The true specific gravity can be determined in the laboratory using a black corundum pycnometer method. If the true specific gravity is greater than 3.96, it means that y-Al2O3 has been completely converted into a-Al2O3. In the oil immersion method, Y-Al2O3 and a-Al2O3 have different refractive indices. The refractive index is measured by diiodomethane immersion in oil under a polarizing microscope. Those above 1.730 are a-Al2O3; those garnet abrasive below 1.730 are -Al2O3.

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