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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

The basic principle of brown fused aluminium oxide smelting is that the affinity of carbon and oxygen at high temperature is larger than that of iron, silicon, titanium and other impurities, and carbon is used to reduce these impurities, and iron and reduced impurities are used to form ferrosilicon alloy and corundum separation. It is an important purpose of smelting brown fused alumina oxide to separate ferrosilicon from melt.

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In order to achieve ideal separation, the white aluminium oxide chemical composition of ferrosilicon alloy must be strictly controlled so that it has the required density and magnetic properties. The lower the silicon content of ferrosilicon alloy, the smoother the reaction in the furnace and the better the low density white alumina induction magnetism of ferrosilicon alloy. However, too much iron filings will increase the material and power consumption and affect the economic benefits.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)Therefore, the iron silicon ratio is selected between 5.0 and 6.0, and the corresponding brown aluminium oxide of ferrosilicon alloy is 16.67% ~ 15.71%. When the ratio of Fe to Si is 5.0 ~ 6.0, the density of ferrosilicon alloy is 6.7 ~ 7.0g/cm3. The density of each component in ferrosilicon alloy is: iron 7.86g/cm3, silicon 2.35g/cm3, titanium 4.5g/cm3, aluminum 2.7g/cm3. white fused alumina suppliers, silicon and titanium all reduce the magnetic induction properties of ferroalloys.

The decrease of the magnetic induction of ferrosilicon alloy is in direct proportion to the brown fused alumina manufacturer amount of solid fusion. When the silicon content is more than 20%, the magnetic induction of the compound FeSi and ferrosilicon solid solution is very weak. Therefore, 20% is the critical content of silicon, and white fused alumina manufacturer will make the ferromagnetism of ferroalloys decrease sharply. When Al > 4%, the ferroalloy is nearly non magnetic.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

brown fused alumina manufacturing equipment, the two processes of bauxite calcination and bauxite smelting are closely connected, and the bauxite discharged from the rotary calciner is directly added to the electric arc furnace with temperature; in the process of adding the bauxite to the smelting furnace, the bauxite passes through the charging bin set on the electric arc furnace, and white fused alumina price a plurality of evenly arranged feeding bins connected with the charging bin.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)When the process method is applied to the newly-built. The feeding pipe above the pink aluminum oxide smelting furnace is added to the electric arc furnace to make the bauxite evenly added to the electric arc furnace.  When Si > 20%, the ferromagnetism is very weak. This is in line with the national industrial policy and the needs of sustainable development. When the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers process method is applied to the existing.

brown aluminum oxide manufacturing equipment, because the two processes of bauxite calcination and bauxite smelting are loosely arranged, the high-temperature bauxite discharged from the bauxite calcination process can be loaded into the holding car by the way of hot charging and hot delivering, and then 100 grit aluminum oxide white transported to the electric arc furnace, and the bauxite with high heat energy can be added to the electric arc furnace.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

In this black aluminum oxide process, the high-temperature bauxite produced from bauxite calcining process is added into the electric arc furnace of bauxite smelting process with temperature, so as to reasonably utilize the heat energy of high-temperature bauxite, save the energy of reheating bauxite in the furnace, overcome the waste of heat energy in the existing manufacturing process, reduce the production cycle of wholesale brown fused alumina, and reduce the manufacturing cost.

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