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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Indonesia

Polyvinyl alcohol is prepared by brown fused alumina 60 grit removing acetate from a methanol solution of polyvinyl acetate using an acid or an alkali as a catalyst. Using polyvinyl alcohol as a wetting agent, the molding material is loose, the molding performance is good, the strength of the blank is high, and it is not easy to return to moisture after drying. The brown fused alumina factory solution made from it is stable.

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However, polyvinyl alcohol cannot be used with water glass, nor is it suitable for green silicon carbide boron-containing binders. Due to supply problems, it has not yet been promoted. Also used abroad are liquid and emulsified paraffin. The surface of the unfinished white corundum abrasive tools often has red iron spots. The surface of the water-milled white fused alumina oxide mfg millstone has a color of water rust, which affects the appearance of the product.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers indonesia)In order to make the appearance and color of this kind of white alumina good, and it is conducive to commercialization, a coloring agent is added to the formula. Sometimes in order to highlight a special product to distinguish other products, it is specially made to change the color. The types of corundum white colorants are: iron oxide: brown red to orange red chromium oxide: orange yellow to purple oxide diamond: light blue to blue.

In order to improve the heat dissipation and chip tolerance of the grinding tool and improve the silicon carbide abrasive grinding quality, a certain substance is usually introduced into the grinding tool to promote the generation of pores. Such substances that promote the generation of pores are pore formers. There are two types of pore-forming agents: solid and liquid. But because of its different emery abrasive raw materials, its components are inorganic, organic and ash. 

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers indonesia)Does not participate in the chemical reaction of the brown fused alumina binder at high temperatures. The solid pore-forming agent includes refined coriander, charcoal (or coke), walnut shell, plastic ball, hollow alumina ball, etc.; the liquid pore-forming agent is mainly hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It is used to decompose during the aluminium oxide grit suppliers drying process to generate air bubbles and make the mill With pores.

Water glass has a melting effect. The substance filled in the pores of the pink corundum tool by the impregnation method is an impregnant. It can improve the grinding performance of the grinding tool, which is beneficial to reduce the grinding temperature and reduce clogging; improve the durability and shape retention of the synthetic corundum grinding wheel; improve the strength and hardness of the grinding tool.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers indonesia)

The brown aluminum oxide reducing atmosphere can reduce the fire resistance of the binder. Too high or low fire resistance of the binder directly affects the firing quality of the abrasive tool. After drying, the cone to be measured and the standard cone (two standard cones and four sample cones) are inserted into the refractory mud table. The ratio of aluminum oxide grit raw materials for refractory mud table is 70% of cooked alumina (or corundum sand) and 30% of clay.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers indonesia)Determination of black corundum drying and firing shrinkage, the purpose is to determine the size of the blank and the mold, and formulate a more reasonable drying and firing curve. The aluminum oxide abrasive equipment used to measure fire resistance is a carbon pellet resistance furnace and a molybdenum disilicide furnace. The insertion depth is about 5mm, and the table is maintained at an angle of 80 ° ~ 82 °.

In compression molding, the plasticity of the brown aluminium oxide binder is an important factor that determines the wet and dry strength of the abrasive. When the plasticity of the binding agent is too low, its wet and dry strength is low; when the plasticity of the binding agent is too large, the amount of wetting agent used during mixing is large, the drying shrinkage increases, and black silicon carbide dry cracks are easily caused.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers indonesia)

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