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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers South Korea

Metal bond superhard abrasive material is compounded with metal bond diamond, aluminium oxide blasting tool material is divided into working layer and transition layer material. The transition layer forming material is mixed first, and then the working layer forming material is mixed. The aluminum oxide blasting abrasive mixing should ensure that the superhard abrasive and the binder are mixed uniformly.

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After the super-hard abrasive and the binder are thoroughly mixed, fused aluminum oxide add a wetting agent, or first mix the super-hard abrasive and the wetting agent, and then add the binder to mix well. Mixing materials should strictly control the amount of each constituent material. The hydraulic press is often selected, and the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit pressurization method is divided into an upper pressure type, a lower pressure type and a lateral pressure type.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers south korea)

Because the aluminium oxide blasting grit forming pressure of super-hard abrasive wheels is in the range of 300 ~ 500MPa, and the production batch is small, the materials used for forming molds are carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel, and hard alloy. For soft metal bronze and tin powder, try to choose carbon tool steel and alloy steel; for abrasive tools with high density, high strength, hardness, synthetic corundum price and high wear resistance, heat resistant steel can be used.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers south korea)Forming mold should be designed according to the size and shape of the artificial corundum mold. There is no allowance for the size of the diamond grinding tool body, so the inner diameter of the mold sleeve is the outer diameter of the product. The inner diameter of the mold sleeve should ensure that the diamond concentration (amount) in the working layer of the abrasive tool is unchanged. The press forming process includes cold press forming and alumina grit hot press forming processes.

Metal bonding agent forming die Super abrasive diamond, brown fused alumina tool forming die is composed of die sleeve, pressure ring, mandrel, mandrel, bottom plate and other parts. The working layer forming material is composed of diamond, CBN abrasive, metal bonding agent and wetting agent. Sintering process Sintering furnaces used for black aluminum oxide media sintering super-hard abrasive tools mostly use electric heating. The solid protective medium mainly uses charcoal.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers south korea)

Sintering process specifications (sintering temperature curve) must be strictly implemented during brown aluminum oxide sintering, also known as sintering system. The total pressing pressure F can be calculated according to F = pSK, p is the nominal pressure of the hydraulic press, K is the safety factor, K = 1.15 ~ 1.50, and S is the cross-sectional area of the compacted body. The neutral atmosphere is vacuumed with N and CO2, and the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive reducing atmosphere is H2, CO and hydrocarbon.

Electric heating methods include carbon tube resistance heating, brown aluminium oxide high frequency or intermediate frequency induction heating. Sintering furnaces include tube furnaces, bell-cover furnaces, intermediate frequency induction furnaces, and internal thermal resistance furnaces. A neutral reducing atmosphere or a solid reducing medium is used to protect the atmosphere during sintering to prevent oxidation of aluminum oxide 40 grit during sintering.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers south korea)

The black alumina sintering temperature curve consists of three parts: heating, holding and sintering, and cooling. Sintering waste sintering process is affected by many factors such as binder raw materials, compounding process, forming process, etc. During the sintering process, a series of complex physical and chemical changes occur, which deviates from process requirements and formula requirements, which will cause aluminum oxide abrasive media products to be scrapped.

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