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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Taiwan

Its mass composition is 91.6% Al, 8.4% (a), brown fused alumina melting point is 1830 ° C, and its microhardness is 14700 ~ 17640MPa. The melting point decreases, but not sharply, and the effect is slightly larger than SiO2; CaO limits the range of brown fused alumina grit formation to a large extent. Experiments show that calcium hexaaluminate flake crystals have been formed when the content of Ca is 3%.

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brown aluminum oxide is made of aluminum oxide powder, melted at high temperature in an electric arc furnace, then cooled and recrystallized. Aluminium oxide powder is obtained by chemical purification of alumina, the most important impurity of which is sodium oxide. Even if the content of black silicon carbide is within the specified 0.6%, 11% of Alb 10% will be consumed to generate sodium peraluminate (Nas·11A5).

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers taiwan)Sodium peraluminate is a hexagonal crystal system, with a brown aluminium oxide melting point of 1900 ° C, a density of 3.24 g / cm, a microhardness of 12740 to 15680 MPa, and a hexagonal crystal plume shape. Sodium peraluminate has a serious impact on the quality of white alumina. The amount of quartz sand can be calculated according to the aluminum oxide abrasive content in the aluminum oxide powder. 

A certain amount of quartz sand is added during the smelting of white alumina, which can limit the formation of sodium aluminate and form saclital: NaO + Al2O3 + 2SiO2= NaO · Al · 2SiO. The effect of saponite on the quality of aluminum oxide grit is smaller than that of sodium aluminate. It can be calculated from the molecular formula of saclitaxel, 0.6% by mass of Nax consumes only 1% by mass of AlbO.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers taiwan)

Then, it is mixed into the aluminum oxide powder or added into the furnace with the black corundum powder. Aluminum fluoride can react with sodium oxide to produce alumina and sodium fluoride: 2AlF + 3Na = 6NaF + Al2O3. Aluminum fluoride is a relatively stable compound and it is not easy to react with carbon at high temperatures, so its addition will not adversely affect the electrodes and synthetic corundum furnace lining.

(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers taiwan)Cryolite (3NaF · AlF) can be formed when pink corundum fluoride is added in excess. There is no reaction between aluminum fluoride and aluminum oxide, and there is a chemical reaction between iron oxide and silicon oxide, but the reaction degree is not as good as that of sodium oxide. This emery abrasive process requires as little Na2O as possible in the aluminum oxide powder. Sodium oxide needs to be eliminated or weakened. 

The resulting sodium fluoride has a boiling point of 1700 ° C, which is lower than the silicon carbide abrasive melt temperature and can be fully volatilized during the smelting process. Even if there is a residue, it will segregate when the corundum melt is cooled. The appearance and structure of sodium aluminate crystals are different from that of black silicon carbide suppliers crystals, making them easy to identify.(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers taiwan)

Sodium fluoride is soluble in water and may be removed in a water washing step. Because the green silicon carbide melting point of sodium aluminate is low (1900 ℃), the sodium aluminate produced by sodium oxide after smelting of white alumina will be segregated in the center of the white aluminum oxide 120 grit furnace during the frit cooling process. Therefore, the segregated sodium aluminate can be removed during sorting after the furnace is released. 

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