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Brown Fused alumina For Waterjet Cuting Factory Canada

Section steel is one of the four major steel varieties (plate, tube, profile and wire). The diameter of cold drawn round steel is 3 ~ 100 mm(garnet abrasive), with high dimensional accuracy. Flat steel can be finished steel, can also be used as welded pipe blank and thin slab for laminated sheet. According to the cross-section shape, the light channel steel has narrower legs(aluminium oxide polishing compound), seamless pipe can be divided into round and special-shaped.

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According to the section shape(garnet suppliers), the section steel is divided into simple section steel and complex section steel (special-shaped steel). According to the maximum thickness that can be rolled by the oxygen machine, the limit of thick plate is usually within 60 mm; for the thickness above 60 mm, it needs to be rolled on a special extra heavy plate mill, so it is called extra heavy plate(white aluminum oxide abrasive). The width of thick steel plate is Q.6 ~ 3.0m.(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting factory canada)

The diameter of hot emulsion round steel is 5-250mm(silicon carbide abrasive), of which 5-9mm is commonly used as the raw material of drawing steel wire, and it is also called hot-rolled wire rod due to the coil supply. The diameter of forged round steel is larger, which is used for shaft damage. Flat steel is a steel with a width of 12-300 mm, a thickness of 4-60 mm and a rectangular section(brown fused alumina powder). The same horn steel often has 2 ~ 7 different side thicknesses.

(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting factory canada)Seamless steel pipe is mainly used for petroleum geological drilling pipe(green silicon carbide), cracking pipe for petrochemical industry, boiler tube and other heat exchanger tube, bearing pipe, and high-precision structural steel pipe for automobile, tractor and aviation. The special-shaped pipe has many complex shapes(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16), such as square, ellipse, triangle, hexagon, melon seed shape, star shaped and winged pipe, forging and cold drawing.

In recent years, the special-shaped steel pipe has been widely used(white aluminum oxide). Divided into ordinary I-beam, light-weight I-shaped copper and wide leg (also known as wide edge, wide edge) I-beam. For example, No.5 equal leg angle steel refers to the angle steel with side length of 5cm. The first round section steel is divided into hot rolling(artificial corundum). Fine copper a steel with channel section. Steel with I-section is also called steel beam.(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting factory canada)

The former two I-beams are currently produced in sizes from No. 10 to No. 60 or no. 70, i.e. the corresponding height is 10-70cm(white alumina). At the same distance, the light ones have narrower legs, thinner waist and smaller weight than ordinary ones. The cross-section characteristics of wide leg I-beam are that the two legs are parallel and the inner side of the leg has no inclination(white corundum sand). The specification of rail is marked by kg / m.

(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting factory canada)Angle steel - one divided angle steel and two unequal angle steel(black corundum). It belongs to the economic section wall steel, is rolled on the four high universal section steel rolling mill, so it is also called universal I-beam. Rail splitting is divided into railway rail (also called heavy rail), light rail, crane rail and other special rail(aluminum oxide polish). Heavy rail is used for railway transportation, and light rail is used for mine transportation and industrial structure.

Channel steel is used for vehicle manufacturing of building structure, including hot milk channel steel and bending channel steel(pink corundum). At present, called wire rod, the channel steel specifications are from No.5 to No.40, i.e. the corresponding distance is 5-40cm. Under the relative height, thinner waist and smaller weight than ordinary channel steel(chrome corundum). Hot emulsion channel steel is divided into ordinary type and light type.(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting factory canada)

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