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Bulk Buy 20 Mesh Aluminium Oxide Grit Mexico

The production of the project applies the current domestic advanced process technology and equipment(white corundum). The final product's 10,000 yuan output value energy consumption is 6.8 kg standard coal / 10,000 yuan (equivalent value), and the 10,000 yuan value-added comprehensive energy consumption is 23.9 kg standard coal / 10,000 yuan(white fused alumina manufacturer), strong innovation capabilities, which is conducive to the development of circular economy.

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(Equivalent value), better than the national and Daqing City and xx "Thirteenth Five-Year" end of 10,000 yuan output value and 10,000 yuan value-added energy consumption indicators(white fused alumina suppliers). As a large manufacturing country, China's industrial system has accumulated large amounts of massive data(artificial corundum). At present, relying on Made in China, these data are scattered in different industries, various types of enterprises and all links of the industrial chain.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, fused corundum brick is a new type of environmentally friendly material that has been promoted and developed rapidly at home and abroad since the beginning of the 21st century(white alumina powder), which is in line with the national energy-saving and environmental protection policy guidance. It is very likely to trigger a new information technology revolution(aluminium oxide sandblasting). Reached the world's leading level in some areas.

The fused corundum brick with 5 excellent properties(alumina abrasive), such as resource recycling, preparation of plasticization, environmental protection of products, and low-carbon regeneration, can not only play the advantages of each component in the material, but also overcome the low strength and large variability(80 grit aluminum oxide). Form a group of large enterprises with international influence and a group of small and medium-sized enterprises with vigorous innovation.

And the limitation of use caused by the low elastic modulus of organic materials(white fused alumina), but also can make full use of resources, and also contribute to the pollution of resources to the environment. A number of strategic emerging industry clusters with perfect industrial chains, and distinctive characteristics will be built(220 grit aluminum oxide). They still have certain fragmentation characteristics, and have not formed a scalable, sharable, open data asset system.

China's economic development will take scientific development as the theme, accelerate the transformation of economic development as the main line(corundum abrasive), further promote the strategic adjustment of the economic structure, optimize and upgrade the industrial structure. Under this background, economical application, strategic emerging industries(aluminium oxide blasting), modern service industries, cultural and creative industries It has become a hot spot for investment.

China's strategic emerging industries will form a basic pattern of healthy development and coordinated advancement(white aluminum oxide), which will significantly enhance the promotion of industrial structure. The added value accounts for about 8% of the GDP. In the field of new materials(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), information functional materials and devices are a field with rich scientific connotation, innovation, broad application prospects, and huge social and economic benefits.

Energy-saving and environmental protection(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), a new generation of information technology, biology, and high-end equipment manufacturing industries have become the pillar industries of the national economy, and new energy, new materials, and new energy automobile industries have become the leading industries of the national economy(fused aluminum oxide): innovation capabilities have been greatly improved, and a number of key core technologies have been mastered.

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