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Bulk Buy 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media USA

When building a new blast furnace, the above-mentioned parts and the insulation layer of the furnace shell can also be lined by spraying(aluminum oxide grit). After three months of use of the spray coating, there are still linings remaining; Sumitomo Metal Company uses a dry spray repair machine to repair the lining of the blast furnace wall(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Spraying once can extend the life of 3 to 6 months, and its cost is only one tenth of the old method.

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In addition, the parts below the blast furnace throat and protective plate, the direct blowing pipe and the gas lifting pipe can be repaired by spraying(silicon carbide price). It is well known that when external factors such as masonry bring adverse effects, the furnace lining will produce cracks or even break at the junction of temperature gradients(black silicon carbide factory). In recent years, the lining of the blast furnace wall has been repaired by pressing materials, which is also very popular.

The operating procedure is to drill holes from the outside of the furnace shell when the blast furnace is closed(green carborundum), insert the nozzle, and use the piston-type mud pump to press the human-shaped refractory mud to fill the gap between the furnace shell and the brick lining, and the brick lining and The gap between the furnace materials forms the protective layer of the furnace lining(aluminium oxide 36 grit). The construction efficiency is high and the quality is good.

Japan Kashima factory made of high-aluminum or silicon carbide material umbrella-shaped porcelain purchase nozzle(silicon carbide companies), after use can be left in the furnace lining repair layer, without harmful effects. In addition, during production, a temporary water cooling mother is used. After bandaging and repairing, the production is 18 months(high purity fused aluminum oxide), the iron production is about 1.85 million tons, and the bandage of the carbon brick furnace lining is less damaged.

The refractory pressure feed material used by the plant has a particle size composition(brown fused alumina): and less than 0.074 mm is that when the lining of the furnace belly of the commercial furnace is damaged, the American blast furnace workers take a bandage repair method for processing(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). When building carbon bricks, the brick joints generally do not exceed one millimeter. The damage to carbon brick caused by oxidation is serious.

First cut off the cooling system, and lay carbon bricks along the outside of the furnace shell, and then install the new furnace shell(brown aluminum oxide). In doing so, the inner lining can be kept away from the center of Huzi. Judging from the erosion state of the bottom of the blast furnace of No. 5 Oki Plant, No. 2 Fanze Plant and No. 1 Tsurumi Plant in Japan(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), 56% of which is greater than 1 mm, many holes were found and filled with carbon powder.

Later, the United Kingdom and other countries also used bandaging to repair the blast furnace belly and other parts, and also obtained good results(brown aluminium oxide). The diameter of the furnace hearth is 9.8 meters, and the new furnace lining is used for 14 days. The thickness of the carbon brick lining is 229 mm. In order to strengthen the heat transfer(white fused alumina for refractory), a ceremony was held on the new furnace, and the carbonaceous binder was pressed in.

The furnace shutdown inspection revealed that three of the four layers of carbon bricks at the bottom of the furnace were intact(aluminum oxide abrasive), the fourth layer of carbon bricks (ie the working layer) damaged most of them, and there were more than 800 tons of residual iron covered, and there were 400 furnace ring carbon bricks ~ 1000 mm thick(aluminum oxide 40 grit). The inspection port is inserted into the furnace and can be operated endlessly, reducing erosion.

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