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Bulk Buy 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide For Cerakote Belgium

Sillimanite concentrate I is designated by the capital letter GJ of two Chinese Pinyin letters "Si" and "Jing"(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). According to the content of A12O3, sillimanite concentrate is divided into gj-58 and gj-54. Andalusite concentrate - take the capital letter "HJ" of two Chinese Pinyin letters "red" and "fine" as the code(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media); according to the content of A12O3, the andalusite concentrate is divided into three grades, namely hj-58, H] - 55 and hj-52.

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The electrofusion method is to mix industrial alumina, sintered high-quality bauxite, high-purity silica, etc(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). according to the composition of mullite, and then put them into the electric arc furnace for melting. Its density is 3.03g/cm, Mohs hardness is 6-7, melting point is 1870 ℃, thermal conductivity (1000 ℃) is 13.8w / (m · K), linear expansion coefficient (20-1000 ℃) is 5.3 × 10 ~ / ℃(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), elastic modulus is 1.47 × 101pa.

There are many variants. Mullite is a refractory raw material with 3a12o3 · 2SiO2 as the main component(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Jilai stone can be divided into natural mullite and synthetic mullite. The chemical composition of mullite is A12O3, 71.8%, SiO2, 28.2%. The mineral structure is rhombic system, the crystals are arranged in long column(100 grit aluminum oxide media), needle and chain shape, and the needle like mullite is interpenetrated in the products to form a solid skeleton.

Mullite can be divided into three types(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight): a-mullite, equivalent to pure 3a12o3 · 2SiO2, abbreviated to 3:2 type; β - mullite solid solution with excess A12O3 crystal lattice slightly expanded, abbreviated to 21 type; 7-mullite, solution with a small amount of TiO2 and feo23 mullite chemical properties stable, insoluble in hydrochloric acid(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). A corundum is more stable. There are few natural mullites, which are generally synthesized by man. 

Because mullite has good mechanical and thermal properties at high temperature(brown fused alumina), the synthetic mullite and its products have the advantages of high density and purity, high structural strength at high temperature, low creep rate at high temperature, small thermal expansion rate, strong chemical resistance and thermal shock resistance(180 grit aluminum oxide). The sintering process is based on the raw materials of silica, kaolinite, bauxite and industrial alumina.

The raw materials are composed of mullite according to the theory(silicon carbide price). After grinding and full mixing, the raw materials are made into billets, which are fired at 1700 ~ 1750 ℃ in rotary kiln or tunnel kiln. The products containing more than 86% mullite can be obtained by both methods(fine grit aluminum oxide). When the product particle size is less than 0.088mm, Fe2O3 in M75 is ≤ 0.5%, FeO in M70 is ≤ 1.2%. The aggregate is dense granular block.

According to A12O3 content, China metallurgical standard Yb / t5267-1999 divides all natural sintered mullite into three grades: M73, M70 and M65(arc fused alumina); and according to impurity content and physical properties, each grade is divided into m73-1, m73-2, m73-3, m70-1, m70-2, m70-3, m65-1, m65-2 and m65-3. Corundum is a refractory material, its hardness is next to diamond(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The structure of the mineral is cubic system and hexagonal bottom center lattice.

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