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Especially between growing dendrites, the graphite crystal core is most likely to form and grow into graphite crystals(silicon carbide companies). This is because the growth of dendrites will continuously disperse carbon atoms in the surrounding liquid phase, making the surrounding liquid carbon concentration Constantly rising(46 grit aluminum oxide), provide a material basis for graphite nucleation and growth.

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For example, an increase in the number of eutectic clusters will increase the shrinkage volume and shrinkage tendency of the casting(white fused alumina). What's more important is that the two eutectic phases with very different components and different crystal structures can be closely and firmly connected at the interface between the two(arc fused alumina). During the eutectic growth process, The growth direction of graphite crystals leading into the liquid phase is not fixed.

(bulk buy abrasive grade aluminum oxide malaysia)Therefore(glass beads manufacturers), the growth of the eutectic cluster must rely on the displacement of the iron and carbon atoms in the melt in order to have the conditions to form a new phase in the melt with similar chemical composition. I have already talked about the graphite-austenite eutectic In the structure(brown corundum powder), graphite precipitates before austenite and has always been in a leading position in the growth space of the eutectic structure.

We know that on the hexagonal close-packed lattice base of graphite (0001), and in the face-centered cubic lattice of austenite(white aluminum oxide), the distance between iron atoms on the close-packed crystal plane (111) is 0.252nm, The difference between the two is much lower than the difference in interatomic distance that can form a good match(fused aluminum oxide). Therefore, it can provide a nucleation matrix for the second phase (austenite).

This area creates conditions for the precipitation of austenite with a carbon content much lower than graphite(fused alumina). In this way, graphite is the leading phase, and graphite and austenite are mutually dependent on each other and grow cooperatively into the melt(steel shot abrasive). Therefore, once the graphite nucleates and starts to grow, the interatomic distance is 0.246nm, the melt around the graphite will become a carbon-poor area.(bulk buy abrasive grade aluminum oxide malaysia)

With this concentration condition, it does not necessarily form a eutectic(silicon carbide price). When the concentration in the melt around the graphite reaches the requirement for the formation of austenite crystals, the iron atoms on the (111) face of the austenite will be able to nucleate and grow using the (0001) face of the graphite crystal as the nucleation matrix surface(glass bead abrasive). The two phases are connected to each other on the basis of lattice matching at the interface.

On the side in contact with the graphite crystal, the discharged atoms are diffused to the graphite crystal to thicken the crystal(glass beads supplier). In addition, carbon atoms are deposited on the surface of the typical crystals, and most of them diffuse through the liquid phase to the vicinity of the front of the solidification interface(garnet abrasive price), supplying the graphite body continuously extending forward in front of the interface with the required atoms.

(bulk buy abrasive grade aluminum oxide malaysia)The graphite and austenite that make up the cast iron eutectic group have a large difference in the mass fraction of alkali and iron(green carborundum). As the temperature drops, the eutectic continues to grow, the eutectic field continues to expand, and the molten liquid integral number gradually decreases(black oxide aluminum). Graphite crystallization starts when the carbon atoms in the surrounding melt gather in the core area of the graphite crystal.

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