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However, the addition of light rare earth elements and the memory of heavy rare earth elements play a significant role in graphite spheroidization(alumina abrasive). When the graphite grows, the screw dislocation growth step is blocked by the surface active sulfur atoms. The reaction ability of magnesium with some interfering elements is weaker than that of rare earth elements, and the compounds formed are unstable(white fused alumina make company). The spheroidized elements are surface active. 

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The crystal can only grow and branch on the rotating plum crystal growth step to form flake graphite(fused aluminum oxide). When there are spheroidized elements such as magnesium and cerium in molten iron, these spheroidized elements first combine with sulfur and oxygen to eliminate the blocking of growth steps by sulfur and oxygen atoms. The excess spheroidized elements are adsorbed on the growth steps provided by crystal defects(white aluminum oxide sand). [0001] crystal orientation is the preferred growth direction of monomer.

(bulk buy alumina coarse sandy directly from big sellers)For example, the growth step will be forced to turn when it passes through the adsorbed active impurity surface(brown corundum powder). The flake graphite usually branches in two ways, and the graphite crystals grow along different directions along the prismatic surface (1010). The basic growth mode is(white aluminium oxide grit): each single crystal grows in a spiral way around its own geometric axis on the screw dislocation port, and the crystal structure extends to space radiation.

It can be seen that the movement of carbon atoms on the growth step of rotating Li crystal is blocked or even completely blocked, resulting in the growth slowing down or stopping(46 grit aluminum oxide). If the residual amount is high, the adsorption density of free atoms at the screw dislocation exit increases, which may block part of the growth steps, and form a solid coating on the growth steps(white aluminum oxide crystals), which will inhibit the growth of graphite and distort the morphology of graphite.

The growth of screw dislocation needs more driving force than that of rotating plum(pink alumina). In some cases, the undercooling capacity may increase sharply, which makes the eutectic transition temperature significant. When the residual magnesium content in hot metal exceeds 0.035%, graphite spheroidization can be achieved(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). However, when mg is more than 0.07%, a part of money segregates at the grain boundary and carbides increase at the grain boundary.(bulk buy alumina coarse sandy directly from big sellers)

In other words, the spheroidizing effect of LREE on low sulfur hypereutectic molten iron is very stable(low soda alumina). The addition of some specific elements in molten iron has a significant effect on the growth mode and morphology of graphite. The binding energy of carbon atoms deposited at the exit of screw dislocation is much larger than that of carbon atoms deposited on the step of rotating plum crystal(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). The spheroidizing effect of LREE on hypereutectic hot metal with low sulfur content is stable.

(bulk buy alumina coarse sandy directly from big sellers)These elements have stronger ability of deoxidation and desulfurization than magnesium(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). R2O, R. s and RS compounds were obtained. These compounds have high melting point and good stability. In addition, rare earth elements and interfering elements in molten iron can form stable compounds(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). Therefore, the anti-interference ability of the nodularizer containing rare earth elements is stronger than that of the magnesium nodulizer.

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