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Bulk Buy Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder Malaysia

For a furnace, choose 3 ~ 5 different materials or sizes of subtractive bricks, and build a comprehensive furnace lining, you can achieve better results(black silicon carbide factory). For example, the oxygen converter adopts the integrated lining technology, which is formulated according to the difference in the damage of the lining of each part of the lining(white aluminum oxide grit). The loading training is severely impacted by the mechanical impact of waste feed or hot metal.

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At the same time, the permanent lining of the oxygen converter is generally made of dolomite brick or ordinary magnesium brick, with a thickness of 114-150 mm, which can be used continuously for 1 to 2 years(aluminium oxide 36 grit). This type of bottom structure is commonly used in European oxygen converters, and its advantage is that it can be easily removed(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). Therefore, the use of general alkaline bricks is sufficient to meet the requirements of the lifting process.

When the furnace is upright, this part coincides with the slag line again, which is prone to chemical erosion(fused alumina). U.S. adopts asphalt impregnating and firing high-purity magnesite brick, while Canada uses asphalt impregnating and firing magnesia brick. When the converter uses bottom blowing, the bottom lining of the furnace has many holes(white fused alumina for refractory), and it is easy to produce eddy currents and damage the bottom of the furnace.

The charging side is the weakest link of the oxygen converter lining(arc fused alumina). It is generally made of high-quality bricks, and the lining should be properly thickened. Japan uses THD-SD bricks or high-purity magnesia dolomite bricks THD-SDM and THD-SDUH in this part; for this reason, carbon bricks can be used as lining(aluminum oxide 40 grit). Generally, fused magnesium brick or tar combined with stable dolomite bricks with good thermal shock stability are used.

Furnace lining in the slag line area is mainly eroded by molten slag(white fused alumina), so it is necessary to select fired brick masonry with less impurity content, dense organization structure and strong slag resistance; in the trunnion area, the lining of the slag line is less eroded by molten slag during production operations, Prone to vigorous decarburization reaction(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), so it is necessary to choose alkaline brick with dense structure and high carbon content.

The lining around the taphole and furnace area is greatly affected by sudden temperature changes(white aluminum oxide). The bottom lining of the converter is subject to heavy mechanical impact and wear, but it is not easy to oxidize away from the high temperature area(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). The machine is composed of three parts: brick conveying device, trolley for installation and tower jealous machine, so it should be built with high-quality alkaline bricks.

In order to adapt to the use conditions of each part(white corundum), four varieties of alkaline brick masonry are used, that is, lightly burnt asphalt combined with magnesium bricks with MgO content of 93% and 99%, respectively, and asphalt with MgO content of 99% is leached to burn magnesium Brick and light burnt asphalt with MgO content of 53% combined with magnesium dolomite brick, at this time, oxidation damage is the main.

It should be pointed out that the bottom structure of the furnace is detachable, and the working lining is made of alkali bricks with a length of 700 mm(silicon carbide price). Furnace and furnace building can improve the utilization rate of equipment. The joint between the furnace body and the bottom of the furnace is made of excellent magnesium refractory ramming material(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The construction of oxygen converter needles is also very important.

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