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The phenomenon of reverse chill usually occurs in the section of low carbon equivalent cast iron castings with solidified surface layer and liquid core(white corundum manufacturers). The results show that eutectic transformation occurs in the surface layer of these castings slightly higher than the metastable eutectic transition temperature, resulting in the formation of D-type graphite eutectic and the formation of gray mouth surface layer(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). 

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In addition to cementite eutectic in the inner white spot area, there are often pitted structure coexisting with cementite and graphite or cellular gray spots distributed in the white spot like spots(steel shot abrasive), which contain undercooled graphite eutectic structure. One possible reason is that the nucleation matrix in liquid phase forms a few effective graphite crystal cores under high undercooling(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), the reverse chill defect is most likely to occur.(bulk buy aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit spain)

The results show that the brittleness of gray cast iron increases, the damping capacity decreases and the machinability deteriorates(glass bead abrasive). It can be eliminated by high temperature graphitization annealing. The second eutectic stop point appears in the cooling curve. After solidification, the upper surface of the sample is gray belt, and the inner part is pockmarked structure(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Figure 44 shows the cross-section of the test block with anti leukoplakia.

(bulk buy aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit spain)The solubility of carbon in a large number of primary austenite in the surface layer of ash mouth decreases with the decrease of temperature, and some carbon atoms are desolved and precipitated(garnet abrasive price). At this time, the metal in the center has not solidified and has been in a high undercooling state, and the precipitated carbon atoms will produce cementite nucleation in austenite or austenite liquid interface(low sodium white fused alumina), resulting in the formation of gray spots.

When the hot metal is subcooled to a little lower than the metastable eutectic temperature(white fused alumina), the cementite nucleation will grow rapidly relying on austenite and produce cementite eutectic, forming the structure of gray outside and white inside. Graphite nucleation was observed at 1104 ℃ when the hot metal w (c) = 2.53%, w (SI) = 1.44%(carborundum abrasives). Malleable cast iron and high strength gray cast iron have low carbon equivalent and are sensitive to reverse chill.

When the undercooling degree is higher, the eutectic layer of D-type graphite appears on the surface of the sample(white aluminum oxide). Due to the small amount of eutectic, there is almost no eutectic stop point on the cooling curve. When the temperature is lower than the metastable eutectic temperature, cementite eutectic precipitates(carborundum grit), and the latent heat of crystallization makes the sample warm up, resulting in the lamellar alkaline cementite.(bulk buy aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit spain)

Another possibility is that the microcrystalline formed near the mold wall floats into the casting at the beginning of solidification, and becomes the core material to induce the eutectic reaction of graphite(white corundum). If the carbon equivalent is low, especially the hot metal with low silicon content solidifies under high undercooling conditions, it is easy to form reverse chill structure(100 grit aluminum oxide white). The cause of gray spot formation is not very clear.

Especially when the alloy elements or impurity elements which promote the supercooling of hot metal are contained(glass beads manufacturers). The microstructure of low carbon equivalent gray cast iron and malleable cast iron are not completely the same. The former is generally composed of gray belt on the surface and hemp mouth in the interior(black aluminum oxide blast media), and compact graphite sometimes appears in the transition zone between the gray mouth and the white mouth.

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