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Bulk Buy Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder South Korea

Vibration molding method is a molding method that uses vibration to make mud into a green body(60 grit aluminum oxide). The gap mechanism of the vibration forming method is that under the vibration of a very high frequency (generally 3000 ~ 12000 times / min), the particles collide with each other, and the dynamic friction replaces the static friction between the particles(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). The top bricker for demoulding pushes the blank out of the mold.

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During vibration molding, due to the energy output by the vibration, the particles have the ability to move in three dimensions(150 grit aluminum oxide). The particles are dense and filled in all corners of the model to expel the air. Therefore, even at a small unit pressure, a higher density can be obtained. product(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). In the molding of various products, vibration molding can effectively replace heavy-duty high-pressure brick presses, such as lever brick presses and hydraulic presses.

There are many structural forms of vibration molding equipment, commonly used are vibrating table, with internal tilter and surface vibrator, etc(brown fused alumina). Pressurized vibration is to apply a downward pressure above the mud on the vibrating table, so that the mud is not simply subjected to a vibration, but also receives a certain frequency of impact from the bottom of the mud(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), which is more beneficial The compact body.

Vibration molding is suitable for complex and large-scale products, and also for molding materials with very different density differences(brown aluminum oxide). The critical particle size of the mud is larger than that during the press molding, which is beneficial to increase the density of the green body. Among them, the pressure vibration type is the most simple and practical(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The mud becomes fluid particles, and its weight Under the action of external force, it is gradually piled up to form a compact body.

Since the materials are not damaged during molding, materials that are easily hydrated, such as tar dolomite and tar magnesium sand, are often formed by this method(brown aluminium oxide). Vibration forming usually adopts a two-axis vibration forming machine, which is mainly composed of a table, a vibrator, a spring supporting the table, and a transmission device(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Commonly used models are made of quartz sand, corundum sand or graphite plates.

The support spring is made of rubber spring with good dynamic fatigue performance, and is placed as an elastic support on the lower part of the table(aluminum oxide abrasive). Vibrator (or vibrator, vibrator). Its structure type is mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. At present, mechanical vibrators are still mostly used(fused aluminium oxide). A fixed eccentric block is installed on the rotating shaft of the vibrator. At the same time, an adjustable eccentric block is also looped.

Tampering molding method is a method of ramming and molding mud with manual, pneumatic or electric hammer(aluminum oxide grit). The power of the pneumatic hammer is compressed air, which is the power source commonly used in factories. The ramming forming method is generally used to form products with complex shapes and large volumes(synthetic corundum price). Most of the moisture content of the rammed mud is controlled within the range of 4% to 6%.

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