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Bulk Buy Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F54 Canada

The manufacturing of investment molds is an important part of the investment casting process(brown fused alumina). The quality of investment molds directly affects the quality of castings. The solidification temperature range should not be too narrow or too wide, and one strand should be selected between 5~10°C to facilitate the preparation of mold materials(arc fused alumina), obtain clear edges and corners, mold making and dewaxing processes.

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At present, investment casting industries around the world are in the process of molding materials, mold making technology and mold making equipment(green carborundum). Therefore, the casting produced by investment casting is closer to the final shape of the part, so the processing workload of the casting can be significantly reduced, and the consumption of metal materials can be saved(garnet abrasive). It is easy to cause the crystal grains of castings to be coarse.

(bulk buy brown fused alumina mesh size F54 canada)In the 1990s, a new type of silica sol produced by the one-step dissolution method of elemental silicon (industrial pure silicon) has been developed in China in the 1990s(brown aluminum oxide). The melting point is generally within the range of 50~80℃. In order to obtain high-quality investment and castings, it is very important to choose high-quality mold materials, that is(garnet suppliers), high-quality molding and molding equipment and technology.

The actual production and application show that its high temperature performance is significantly better than other types of silica sol(silicon carbide companies). In particular, the study of the law of change of the door in the friction and wear process, according to the Hall-Peich formula, Jinzhen’s Pinliang Ruler has a very obvious effect on strengthening(fused alumina). Progress has greatly improved the surface quality of investment castings, and it will be brittle.

The thermal stability of the wax-based mold material is often expressed in terms of softening point(brown aluminium oxide), which is the deformation of a standard cantilever specimen when heated for 2 hours. (Deflection) The temperature when it reaches 2 mm is regarded as the softening point(steel grid). Generally, the softening point of the mold material should be higher than the temperature of the mold making work site by more than 10°C.(bulk buy brown fused alumina mesh size F54 canada)

Thermal stability refers to the ability of the mold material to resist softening and deformation when the temperature rises(white alumina). If the bending strength of the mold material is measured, it should be greater than 2.0 MPa, preferably 5.0~8.0 MPa. Carbon steel precision castings are also easy to form a surface decarburization layer(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The melting point and solidification temperature range of the mold material should be moderate.

(bulk buy brown fused alumina mesh size F54 canada)In order to ensure that the investment mold achieves the due dimensional accuracy(black aluminum oxide), the shrinkage rate of the mold material is required to be small, generally less than 1%, and the linear shrinkage rate of the high-quality mold material can reach 0.5% or less; the small shrinkage rate means the small expansion coefficient(black oxide aluminum), which is also helpful to prevent The mold shell was cracked during dewaxing. Defects such as bubbles.

The surface of the mold material should have a certain hardness to prevent it from being scratched or damaged by friction during the production process(pink aluminum oxide). The hardness of the mold material is usually expressed by penetration (penetration: 1 degree = 1/10 mm). The surface hardness of high-quality mold materials can be Up to 4~6 degrees(carborundum grit), if the hardness of the mold material is too high, the trimming property will be poor.

The mold material should have good fluidity to facilitate filling the molding cavity(silicon carbide price), accurate dimensions, smooth and smooth surface In addition, it is also convenient for the mold material to flow out of the shell during dewaxing; but the fluidity of the mold material is too high(glass beads supplier), and it is easy to form turbulence and splash when injected into the cavity, causing flow marks on the surface of the investment mold.(bulk buy brown fused alumina mesh size F54 canada)

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