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Bulk Buy Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Poland

The hot blast furnace is a vertical cylindrical structure, which is composed of combustion chamber and regenerator(aluminum oxide grit), with a height of 25-50m and a diameter of 6-12M. According to the furnace structure, it can be divided into three types: internal combustion type, external combustion type and top combustion type(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The first two types of hot blast furnaces are mostly used, and the development direction is top burning hot blast furnace.

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The combustion chamber and the regenerator of the internal combustion hot blast furnace are located in the same cylinder body(brown fused alumina), which can be divided into three-way type and Cowell type. The former has been eliminated for its complex masonry and low wind temperature(silicon carbide price). The top burning hot blast stove is suitable for the reconstruction of the internal combustion hot blast stove in the new factory and the old factory.

After continuous improvement, the maximum wind temperature can reach about 1200 ℃(brown aluminum oxide). The combustion chamber and the regenerator of the external combustion hot blast furnace are arranged in two simplified bodies, and the vault is connected by a "bridge" (i.e. connecting pipe channel). The plan was put forward by F. Dahl in 1910(synthetic corundum). Carnegie iron and steel company in the United States in 1928 on the hot blast furnace trial, but successful.

In 1938, corbers company put forward a patent again(brown aluminium oxide), in 1950, a blast furnace in pedrovsky plant of the Soviet Union was built with silica brick, and the good effect was obtained. Japan has developed the new Nippon Steel type external combustion hot blast furnace on the basis of kobers type and marchin type hot blast furnaces(green carborundum). At the same time, the wide use of high-quality refractory brick also enhances the resistance to chemical erosion.

Because of the difference of the vault and its connection form of the two chambers(white aluminium oxide), the external combustion hot blast stove can be divided into corbers type, horse piano type, the wind temperature is increased by more than 300 ℃; less land occupation, Didier type and Nippon Steel type, etc(emery abrasive). The combustion chamber of the top burning hot blast furnace is at the upper part of the regenerator, and the furnace life is prolonged.

Compared with the internal combustion hot blast stove(black aluminum oxide), the utility model has the advantages of: the heat falling area is increased by 25%, the danger and auspiciousness caused by the damaged surface of the partition wall are eliminated; the service conditions of the refractory materials are improved(silicon carbide companies). In 1959, the Didier type hot blast stove appeared, and in 1965, the horse piano type hot blast stove appeared.

Compared with the external combustion hot blast stove, it also has the advantages of simple and stable structure(pink aluminum oxide), low cost of infrastructure and maintenance, saving operation space and convenient use. Due to the increase of Phoenix temperature, refractories for hot blast stove should have better volume stability, creep and wear resistance at high temperature(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). Mechanical load action. Hot blast stove is a kind of higher structure.

In addition, because the lattice brick is in the state of four-sided heating(aluminum oxide abrasive), the degree of chemical erosion is larger than the furnace wall lining. In recent years, due to the use of new medium gas cleaning equipment, the dust content of gas has been reduced to less than 10 mg / m, which was used by gas chemical company, and the effect was good(white aluminum oxide grit); so the degree of chemical erosion has been reduced, while the latter has been widely used.

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