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Bulk Buy Brown Fused Alumina South Korea

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, people and the real economy are becoming more and more closely integrated. The alumina abrasive deficiencies of traditional industries have also been exposed one by one, and the Internet is integrating and promoting them. Therefore, looking at China's domestic market, the arc fused alumina and abrasive industry has an unshakable position.

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The state of production and operation of brown corundum, a relatively important raw material in the industry, is unsatisfactory. The smelting methods currently used in China include the fixed furnace frit method and the dumping furnace smelting method, which have become indispensable boosters for China's economic construction. The electrode just touches the arc focus, and it does not affect the silicon carbide price furnace in and out or dumping.(bulk buy brown fused alumina south korea)

In the brown fused alumina chemical system, it is used as a variety of reaction vessels and pipes, parts of chemical pumps, as well as mechanical parts, various molds, such as wire drawing die, pencil core die mouth, knives, brown corundum mold abrasives, human joints, Sealing die ring, etc. (In the aluminum oxide grit refining process, a lower motor should be used; often move the electrode to beat the charge to prevent sintering; turn the surrounding charge to the center and gradually melt it clean).

(bulk buy brown fused alumina south korea)In 2013, the global demand for white alumina products and abrasive products may increase by 5.9%, while Chinese abrasive products will occupy two-thirds of the world's demand for additional abrasive products. Due to the irreplaceability of diamond wire and silicon carbide cutting edge materials in the production of high-tech fields such as monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline green carborundum, abrasives will usher in a new peak of demand.

China will also take advantage of this to strengthen domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation. At present, the world's black corundum materials technology, machining processes and technologies, and scientific research methods are developing rapidly. New technologies, products, and alumina grit processes in the foreign abrasive industry are constantly emerging. The mobile Internet can integrate domestic market resource information and discuss with foreign advanced technologies.

(bulk buy brown fused alumina south korea)Leading the Chinese brown aluminum oxide enterprise into a new journey. Guidance during smelting of brown corundum: preparation for furnace opening: connection of electrodes: blowing on static contact surface and tightening thread. Measure the electrode distance and the distance between the electrode and the furnace wall. Measure the insulation of the secondary conductive system: the silicon carbide companies resistance value of the insulation part is> 0.5MΩ.

The pink corundum tool industry opens up new paths. Inspect furnace system, electrode lifting, feeding and other system equipment and water, gas pipes, valves, etc. In the furnace: put the arc starting focus: the particle size of the arc starting focus is 30 ~ 50 mm. Power transmission. Arc starting: With higher voltage, when the current rises to 20-30%, increase the arc pressure of the block of corundum abrasive, and when the current load rises to 80%, it can be fed into the smelting.(bulk buy brown fused alumina south korea)

brown aluminium oxide has high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high strength, strong resistance to crushing, oxidation, and corrosion, and has good chemical stability. Over the years, we have been focusing on the production of brown corundum abrasives. Adjust the length of the electrode: Refining: Before transferring to refining, adjust the ratio of aluminum oxide abrasive media ingredients and appropriately increase the amount of char. Stop feeding, thin layer, low voltage, high current operation.

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