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In general, the higher the protein content, the better the quality of glue(brown fused alumina price). The most primary collagen fiber is composed of collagen fibrils, and collagen fibrils are composed of very small collagen fibrils. The viscosity of glue solution is closely related to the pH value, concentration, temperature and molecular weight of glue solution as well as the production method of gelatin(green carborundum). The whole charge is zero.

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Pure gelatin is almost colorless and transparent(white fused alumina). The general industrial skin glue and bone glue are mostly yellowish or brownish yellow, which are translucent amorphous solids. Their shapes are block, sheet, granular or powdery, mainly depending on their processing methods and uses. The pure gelatin should be tasteless, odorless and non-volatile(arc fused alumina). It will not melt when heated under dry condition, but it will soften and swell.

When the gelling solution is cold, it will gel again(black corundum). If the temperature is too high, the isoelectric point of gelatin produced by alkali method is pH = 4.7 ~ 5.2, it will be carbonized and give off an unpleasant smell of ammonia. It is one of the very important physical properties of gelatin(glass beads supplier). When the gelatin solution is at the isoelectric point, the positive and negative ions in the whole solution are equal (15% water content).

The specific gravity of gelatin was 1.368 and 1.412 when there was no water(white aluminum oxide). Gelatin is a typical hydrophilic colloid, which is insoluble in organic solvent, dilute alkali and dilute acid. It is easy to absorb moisture in humid air and can fully absorb water and expand in cold water. When the water absorbed is 5-15 times of its own weight, it can form a kind of elastic gel(fused alumina). If reheated, the gel melts into a very sticky liquid.

The melting point (critical temperature of gelling solution) of gelatin is 30-34 ℃(pink corundum). The collagenous primary fibrils, as seen under the electron microscope, are similar to a snake skin hose. The thick part is dark band, and the thin part is bright band. The width of the former is about twice as wide as that of the latter(high purity fused aluminum oxide). They are made alternately with a diameter of 50-500A, which is one tenth to one percent of the diameter of the original fiber.

Due to the different process of making gelatin(white corundum), the isoelectric point is also different: the isoelectric point of gelatin produced by acid method is pH = 7 ~ 9, the expansion degree of gelatin liquid has the lowest value at the isoelectric point, it increases on both sides of the isoelectric point, when pH = 4.7, the expansion degree is the lowest, the expansion is relatively high(silicon carbide companies). It can also improve the elasticity of gelatin.

Viscosity is the resistance produced by the relative movement between one layer of liquid and another layer of liquid molecules when the liquid is under the action of external forces(silicon carbide price). Generally speaking, and when pH = 3 or 10, the higher the viscosity of glue, the better its quality and the greater the cohesiveness, but this is just a general statement, because viscosity is not equal to the cohesiveness, nor represents viscosity(black oxide aluminum).

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