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The activation energies of iron atom and silicon atom self diffusion at graphite austenite interface are 29.6 kJ / mol and 22.4 kJ / mol, respectively(brown fused alumina suppliers). This shows that the self diffusion rate of iron and silicon atoms is lower than that of carbon atoms at the same temperature(aluminium oxide for blasting). This phenomenon of atomic shift lag will inevitably lead to the lack of space for graphite growth, and carbon atoms will pile up and slow down the formation of graphite.

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However, these vacancy groups can not make all the accepted carbon atoms become graphite cores(white fused aluminum oxide). During the initial growth of dendrite, the solute discharged from solid phase is enriched in the root of dendrite, which is difficult to diffuse to the surrounding molten liquid under the action of thermal convection so the diffusion rate of carbon atoms is not the controlling factor of graphite growth(aluminum oxide sandblast media), a considerable number of carbon atoms move along the grain boundary.

(bulk buy cheap 400 grit aluminum oxide powder brazil)Only those carbon atoms which are close to the graphite structure in space and have enough polymerization energy can develop into graphite cores(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The growth of graphite depends on the diffusion of a large number of carbon atoms to the effective core. Since the activation energy of diffusion along austenite grain boundary is lower than that of intragranular diffusion(brown fused alumina for abrasive). The activation energy of carbon atom diffusion at austenite interface is about 11.2kj/ml.

The distribution coefficient affects the microstructure of cast iron to a great extent(wholesale brown fused alumina). The total diffusion of carbon atoms is greater than the mass of carbon atoms produced by the decomposition of cementite in the same time,. The chemical site of iron at the graphite austenite interface is higher than that at the cementite austenite interface(white corundum powder), and the iron atoms tend to migrate to the opposite direction of carbon atom diffusion (reduce the degree of reduction), i.e. self diffusion.

If there are more vacancies or dislocations in the diffusion direction, it will promote the diffusion of iron and carbon atoms(aluminium oxide blasting grit). These crystal defects may exist on the phase boundary, sub grain boundary, hole surface and the position where the volume shrinkage occurs during the transformation of cementite to austenite(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). The primary austenite dendrite begins to precipitate when the molten iron is subcooled to a little lower than the liquidus temperature.(bulk buy cheap 400 grit aluminum oxide powder brazil)

The primary austenite is formed by endogenous growth, and the solidification interface is rough when it precipitates(white fused alumina suppliers). Therefore, the enrichment degree in the root of primary crystal increases continuously, resulting in the decrease of melting point and the formation of root necking(aluminum oxide polishing powder). As the cooling rate of casting is much higher than that of equilibrium cooling rate, primary austenite may also appear in the cast iron with eutectic and hypereutectic composition.

(bulk buy cheap 400 grit aluminum oxide powder brazil)The limiting factor of graphite growth is the self diffusion of iron and silicon atoms(buy brown fused alumina). The necking can be broken by thermal convection or external force agitation in the melt, forming fine grains and floating into the melt. Some of the grains are melted after entering the high temperature region, and the unmelted grains become the crystal core of austenite dendrite(white alumina grit). This nucleation mode can be found even in high purity Fe-C-Si alloy with few impurities.

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