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With the rapid development of modern industry and the rapid development of science and technology(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight), high manganese steel has become the preferred wear-resistant material for advanced equipment such as magnetic floating train, rock drilling robot and new tank(aluminium oxide for blasting). The composition of high manganese steel changes in a wide range when it is developed successfully, generally speaking, it will also make the steel grade brittle.

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With the deepening of research work, the chemical composition of high manganese steel tends to be stable gradually(black fused alumina). Solution treatment is to dissolve carbides in austenite and homogenize them. The carbon content of high manganese steel is high, and the content of W (c) varies from 0.9% to 1.5%(white fused alumina make company). After solution treatment, the properties of the steel have been greatly improved, and the coarse grain will inevitably lead to the decrease of toughness.(bulk buy cheap alumina coarse sandy malaysia)

Carbon has three main functions in high manganese steel(black synthetic corundum): first, carbon is a strong expansion of austenite element, and high carbon content is to obtain a single austenite structure after solution treatment; second, carbon belongs to interstitial solid solution element, which causes lattice barrier change and solid solution strengthening effect is very obvious(white aluminum oxide sand); third is to improve the wear resistance of steel, the wear resistance increases with the increase of carbon content.

(bulk buy cheap alumina coarse sandy malaysia)With the deepening of scientific research, in the 1960s, the structure of high manganese steel in service state is austenite(100 grit aluminum oxide). Different structures can be formed in the steel when the content of carbon and manganese is different. Zone 1 is a single austenite structure. When the carbon content is low, it will enter the target area and appear martensite(white aluminium oxide grit). This high carbon martensite is a hard brittle phase, which makes the steel grade brittle.

When the carbon content is high, the solution temperature or solution time must be increased, but it will lead to the grain growth(fused aluminium oxide). Chromium can reduce the stability of austenite, so as to improve the yield strength of manganese steel, and obtain high manganese steel containing cr. in the 1970s, China began to develop medium manganese steel(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit), mainly to solve the wear resistance problem of high manganese steel under low and medium stress.

As cast, the strength and hardness of the steel increase with the increase of carbon content(aluminum oxide blast media), but the toughness and plasticity decrease with the increase of carbon content, especially when the w (c) reaches more than 1.3%, the toughness and plasticity tend to zero(white aluminum oxide crystals). On the contrary, when the carbon content is high, it will enter into zone III and be carbonized as cast after solution treatment If the material can not be completely eliminated.(bulk buy cheap alumina coarse sandy malaysia)

The austenite structure is obtained by water quenching at 1050 ℃(black silicon carbide factory), which improves the strength, plasticity and toughness of the steel, especially the toughness. Generally speaking, under the condition of non strong impact abrasive wear, with the increase of carbon content, the work hardening ability of high manganese steel is enhanced, and the wear resistance of high manganese steel is improved(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). Generally, the w (c) of steel is controlled between 1.25% and 1.35%.

(bulk buy cheap alumina coarse sandy malaysia)Because manganese is an overheat sensitive element, the grain is easier to grow than other alloy steel at high temperature(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Secondly, due to the difference of specific volume between carbide and austenite, carbide dissolved in austenite can cause ultra micro porosity(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The higher the carbon content is, the more serious the ultra micro porosity is after solid solution, the less dense the structure is and the lower the tree property is.

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