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Configuration is the characterization of the relative positions of the nearest atoms in a molecule(arc fused alumina). Configuration refers to the geometric arrangement of the atoms fixed by chemical bonds in space. The carbon in the rotationally isomerized saturated hydrocarbon molecules is connected with four atoms or groups by four covalent bonds to form a tetrahedron(brown aluminum oxide sand). There is a C atom in each structural unit.

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Four groups are at the apex of the tetrahedron, and the carbon atom is at the center of the tetrahedron(fused alumina). Since the chain links at both ends of C are not identical, C is an asymmetric carbon atom. Although the main chain of polymer is very long, it is usually not straight. The more free the internal rotation is, the greater the curly tendency will be(white aluminium oxide blasting media). There are two isomers with different configurations: optical isomer and geometric isomer.

This kind of organic substance can form two isomers which are mirror shadow of each other, and show different optical rotation, which is called optical rotation isomer(white fused alumina abrasives). The structural unit is a polymer of CH and Chr type. This kind of crystal has the highest melting point, which is equivalent to the melting point of infinite thick lamellae(brown aluminum oxide grit). It is considered to be the most stable low-cost structure in polymer thermodynamics.

There are two kinds of optical isomers in each chain link, and they have three kinds of bonding modes in the polymer chain(white corundum price). If the polymer is all bonded by one optical isomer unit, it is called the total isomorphism (three-dimensional structure), and it is alternatively bonded by two optical isomer units, which is called the interisomorphism(white aluminium oxide powder); when the two optical isomer units are completely bonded, it is called the random structure.

To change the configuration, the chemical bond must be broken and recombined(brown alumina abrasive). Generally, the branching degree is expressed by the density of branching points or the average molecular weight of the chain between two adjacent branching points, which is called branching degree(aluminium oxide material for blasting). Due to the thermal movement, the trans and side conformations can be converted to each other under certain conditions.

For the whole molecule(brown fused alumina), if the carbon atoms in the main chain are arranged in a plane to be zigzag, then the substituents r in the isomorphic chain are all on the same side of the plane, and the r-bases in the isomorphic chain are alternately arranged on both sides of the plane(aluminum oxide blasting grit), while the r-bases in the random isomorphic chain are arbitrarily arranged on both sides of the plane(high density bladder ethylene). 

Low pressure case ethylene is a linear molecule, which is easy to form products, so it is higher than the former in density, melting point, crystallinity and hardness(brown aluminum oxide). Generally speaking, branching has an impact on the use performance of polymer materials. The higher the branching degree is, the more complex the branching structure is, the greater the influence is(brown fused alumina micro). It can curl up and make the molecule present various forms.

It can be seen from the statistical law that the conformation of the polymer chain is changed by the temperature(brown aluminium oxide), the intermolecular interaction in the polymer aggregation state, the intermolecular solvent interaction in the solution and the influence surface of the external force field(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). It seems that the internal rotation of single bond is the reason for the curly conformation of polymer chain. This arrangement is stable.

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