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Bulk Buy Cheap Aluminium Oxide For Blasting USA

Therefore, the precision ultra-thin slice processing of metal and non-metal materials such as silicon, fault, sapphire, ferrite, graphite, ceramics, quartz, etc. in the semiconductor industry(steel grid); As well as the cutting and processing of metal and non-metal materials in the construction material industry, chemical industry, aerospace industry, mechanical industry, automobile industry and shipbuilding industry, which has the following advantages(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Other applications.

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Fast cutting speed(white fused alumina). When cutting metal materials, the cutting speed of grinding wheel is 10 times that of other cutting methods (such as sawing and turning). High accuracy of cutting dimension. The cut surface is smooth. After the grinding wheel is cut, the surface often does not need to be finished, the resin thin-slice grinding wheel is used in the cutting and processing of metal materials(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), and the cross-section after the staggered cutting is very obvious.

During the use of abrasive tools, it has good self sharpening property and does not need to be trimmed(white aluminum oxide). The cost of cutting with grinding wheel is lower than that of other cutting methods. Such as narrow groove cut, or the cutting seam of hard steel or super hard non-metallic workpiece, etc(aluminum oxide 40 grit). These characteristics of resin abrasive cutting make it widely used in many metal and non-metal processing industries, as well as in other fields of industrial production.

Because there are many kinds of new resin bond, it can be made into various strength and performance of resin abrasive(white corundum). The resin bond has low heat resistance, which can reduce or avoid the appearance of burned workpieces. Generally, the effective storage period is one year. Therefore, it cannot be stored for a long time(white fused alumina for refractory). It is not suitable for shaping and grinding because of its low heat resistance and large abrasion during grinding. It can be used for cutting hard materials.

The air hole rate of resin abrasive tools is low, the processing has smell, so the environmental pollution should be paid attention to(garnet abrasive). The low hardening temperature, short production cycle and simple equipment are favorable for specialized production. It can be widely used in raw grinding, rough grinding, cutting, semi-fine grinding, fine road, polishing and other processes(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). Generally speaking, the cutting width and flatness of the grinding wheel are better than that of the metalworking steel.

Resin Abrasives have high binding strength, high speed of use, impact resistance, suitable for rough grinding and rough grinding(garnet suppliers); resin Abrasives have good smoothness, suitable for cutting and processing procedures; tree turning Abrasives have good elasticity and certain polishing properties, which can be used for fine grinding and polishing(white aluminum oxide grit). Resin Abrasives have low heat attachment and are easy to wear. They are suitable for surface grinding and fine grinding.

The heat produced by the workpiece during grinding(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Firstly, the resin is carbonized, which makes the purified road material fall off automatically, exposes new sharp abrasive particles, reduces the heat in the area before grinding, and avoids the wound of workpiece(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The disadvantages are: the resin abrasive has poor alkali resistance and water resistance, and is easy to aging. It can be used to process all kinds of non-metallic materials and metal materials.

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