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The infiltration of Al is done before B or when the boride does not completely cover the surface layer(synthetic corundum), so the Al in the infiltration layer forms a needle-like or small granular distribution. When the holding time reaches 3h, the thickness of the infiltrated layer increases rapidly, with the largest increase between 3h and 4h(alumina blasting). At the same time, the farther away from the sample surface, the weaker the atomic potential of [B] and [A].

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Practice shows that for alloy steel 35CrMo(white fused alumina), alloying elements hinder the diffusion of boron and reduce the preferred orientation of boride grains, so the boride is not needle-shaped, and the overall look is very flat. The elements that can form carbides in alloy steel belong to transition metals, and the degree of d-layer electrons is higher than that of Fe(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). Penetrating agent decomposes active [A1] atoms and [B] atoms.

(bulk buy cheap aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh mexico)They are all located to the left of Fe in the periodic table(aluminum oxide grit). Al is an element that forms graphitization and cannot directly interact with carbon. Combining to form a compound, with the participation of B, a special compound of B, Al, and C is formed. Analyze the influence of different holding time on the thickness of the infiltration layer(white aluminum oxide dental). And the continuous thickening of the permeable layer hinders the migration of diffused elements.

In addition, this is because in the initial stage of co-infiltration(white aluminum oxide), at the same time, the equilibrium concentration of vacancies in the metal is also increased, thereby enhancing the diffusion ability, and a large number of active atoms adsorbed on the surface quickly diffuse into the matrix to form a diffusion layer. After percolating, a bright white layer is formed on the surface of the substrate(steel grid). The thickness of the infiltrated layer increases slowly at the beginning.

As time goes by, the concentration of atoms continues to increase, which facilitates the diffusion of [B] and [A1] atoms into the matrix(aluminum oxide abrasive). With the further extension of the holding time, the thickness of the infiltrated layer does not increase significantly, that is, the influence of time gradually decreases(glass bead blasting media suppliers). As the holding time increases, the thickness of the infiltrated layer shows an upward trend, and the diffusion power decreases.(bulk buy cheap aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh mexico)

Between 4h and 5h, the number of active atoms provided by the penetrating agent gradually stabilized, and a continuous layer appeared in the penetrating layer(silicon carbide abrasive). However, as the holding time increases to 5h-6h, the penetrating agent is gradually decomposed and can no longer maintain a higher concentration gradient(garnet suppliers). The [B], [A1] atom diffusion resistance is increased, and the advancement of the new phase interface is inhibited.

(bulk buy cheap aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh mexico)With the increase of time, the co-infiltration rate decreases and the infiltration layer grows slowly(green silicon carbide). In the actual production process, with the continuous increase of active atoms, the concentration gradient increases, which accelerates the diffusion of atoms, and the infiltration layer grows faster(garnet abrasive). In addition, continue to increase the holding time, the thickness of the white and bright color bleeding layer does not increase significantly.

If the holding time is too long, not only will there be traces of penetrant bonding on the surface, but also slight corrosion pits(black silicon carbide). It can be seen that, at a certain temperature, the maximum permeable layer thickness can be reached after 4h~5h of heat preservation, so 4h~5h is selected as the best co-permeation heat preservation time in this experiment(emery abrasive). San is the control step of the co-infiltration process, and it continued to advance.

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