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As the manganese content increases at low temperatures, the impact system increases faster(fused alumina). When w(Mn)/w(C) is about 10, high manganese steel can get better strength and toughness; when w(Mn)/w(C)<10, it is conducive to the work hardening of steel, thereby improving high manganese Wear resistance of steel(white fused alumina suppliers). Generally speaking, w(Mn) in high manganese steel is usually 10%~14%, sometimes it can reach 15%.

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The solid solution of manganese in austenite can cause solid solution strengthening(brown fused alumina), but because the atomic radius of manganese and iron are not much different, the lattice distortion is small, so the solid solution strengthening effect is weak. The impact toughness increases rapidly with the increase of manganese content(black oxide aluminum), which is mainly related to the ability of manganese to increase the intercrystalline bonding force.(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide 20 grit united states)

In addition, with the increase of manganese content, the strength, plasticity and impact toughness of high manganese steel are improved(brown aluminum oxide). However, high hammer content is not conducive to work hardening and damages the improvement of wear resistance, especially when w(Mn)>12%, dendrites develop, and there is a tendency for coarse crystals and cracks(aluminium oxide blasting grit). When its content is less than 1.0%, it has no obvious effect on the mechanical properties.

(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide 20 grit united states)The choice of manganese content in steel is the same as the choice of carbon content(brown aluminium oxide). It is mainly determined by factors such as working conditions, the complexity of the casting structure, and wall thickness, rather than maintaining a certain w(Mn)/w(C) ratio Starting to adjust the manganese and carbon content(glass bead blasting media suppliers), most of the high manganese steel standards abroad and our national standards have removed this indicator.

For thick-walled castings to ensure that carbides are not precipitated during heat treatment, it is generally desirable to have a higher manganese content(silicon carbide price); for castings with complex structures and complex stress conditions, higher manganese content is also desired to ensure the plasticity and toughness of the material, so that the workpiece will not be caused during use(glass beads supplier). Fracture is also to prevent cracks during the casting process.(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide 20 grit united states)

At the same time, it causes coarse columnar structure in metal and sand thin-walled castings, which seriously causes transcrystalline structure(green carborundum). High manganese steel castings working under strong impact conditions also require higher manganese content, which is determined by the material's stress conditions(garnet abrasive). Under the above conditions, the manganese content is generally required to be no less than 12.0%~12.5%.

(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide 20 grit united states)In the solidification process of high manganese steel castings(arc fused alumina), manganese, as an overheating sensitive element, will promote the growth of austenite dendrites, making the liquid high manganese steel tend to solidify in a paste state. In the high temperature and heat preservation process of the casting heat treatment, manganese will also promote austenite Body pieces grow up(garnet suppliers). The w(Si) in high manganese steel is 0.3%~0.8%.

On the contrary, thin-walled castings and simple castings can be appropriately reduced under non-strong impact conditions(silicon carbide companies). If the external force acts in the same direction as the growth direction of columnar or transcrystalline structure, it is easy to cause fracture and fracture(steel grid). Silicon is usually not added as an alloying element, but plays an auxiliary deoxidation effect within the conventional content range, and the low-wet impact toughness improves faster.

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