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Bulk Buy Cheap Aluminum Oxide Anti-slip Grit Czech

The direct-indirect method absorbs the advantages of the direct method and the indirect method(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). When applying the film, brush a layer of photosensitive monomer on the surface of the screen and then apply the film. Its advantages are mainly manifested in the following aspects(aluminum oxide blast media): easy operation, bonding on the screen surface only by diving, simplifies the plate making process and shortens the plate making time.

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It uses the methylene ester sheet as the carrier, and the photosensitive emulsion is coated on the polyester film base for storage, and then attached to the wetted silk screen surface during use(synthetic corundum price). After drying, the polyester film base is left, and then the graphic photographic plate is pasted on the surface of the photosensitive latex film and developed into a graphic film plate(240 grit aluminum oxide). If there is talc on the surface of the film, wipe it clean with a silk cloth.(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit czech)

There are two types of photosensitive materials: one is that the photosensitive emulsion on the polyester film base does not contain photosensitive monomers(46 grit aluminum oxide). The dichromate is used as the photosensitive monomer. The characteristic of this film base is that it does not need to be stored in a dark place and will not be combined after being placed for a long time(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). However, dichromate is highly toxic and has a slow photosensitive speed. use.

(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit czech)The other is that the photosensitive emulsion on the polymer base has penetrated into the photosensitive monomer(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). This kind of film base usually uses a heavy ammonia salt as a photosensitive monomer. Because the stability of diazonium salt is not very good, this kind of film base can only be stored at a lower temperature for a long time(100 grit aluminum oxide media), usually it is required to store at 25 ℃, and the storage time should not exceed one year.

The uniformity of the film thickness is good(white fused alumina), the concentration of the photosensitive agent is uniform on the section of the film thickness, the film surface is smooth, the edges are obvious, the resolution is high, and the edges of pictures and texts are clear. The following describes the production method of the direct and indirect screen printing screen(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The pre-treatment is to improve the adhesion, generally the fruit is roughened.

Paste the cut photosensitive film on the surface of the screen that has been brushed with sensitizing liquid or has been moistened with water(60 grit aluminum oxide). It is only the matrix of the photosensitive emulsion, and photosensitive monomers must be added. The photosensitive monomers decompose under the action of ultraviolet light(180 grit aluminum oxide). Cut out a photosensitive film that is appropriately larger than the size of the photographic plate.(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit czech)

Here, the PVA wood body does not have photosensitivity, and will not undergo polymerization under ultraviolet light(150 grit aluminum oxide). This method is compared with the direct method: finally rinse with clean water. In the process, its decomposition products act on PVA, causing PVA to undergo a cross-linking reaction to produce water-insoluble polymers(fine grit aluminum oxide). When making the screen, you only need to moisten the screen with water to make the film.

Sensitive film is more expensive, and the corresponding plate-making cost is higher(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The adhesion of the film to the mesh and the number of printing durability are lower than that of the direct method. Although the direct-indirect method has these shortcomings compared with the direct method, the direct-indirect method is still the most used method because of its simple board making(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), clear image, and easy to master.

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