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Commonly used is heating (oven, infrared, etc.) curing(steel grid). In order to accelerate the curing process, a new type of curing form can be used: for example, acrylate modified double-ship A epoxy resin adhesive, which is cured by an electronic car, through 300 × 10 * V Voltage, 25μA current, radiation dose is (10 ~ 20) × 10 * Gy, its effect is very good(brown fused alumina factory), the curing speed is more than the adhesive strength of adding 0.5% benzoyl peroxide as accelerator and curing at 80 ℃ for 20h. from.

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This method is uniform heating, no temperature difference, can shorten the curing time, and has the same effect on thick adherends(aluminum oxide abrasive). After being glued by the adhered parts, in a closed metal box, it absorbs the heat transmitted and reflected from the antenna to generate heat and circle. In recent years, the United States has developed high-power magnetrons, which can be industrialized by being heated slightly(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The deformation can also be heated in water or alcohol.

For materials with a low dielectric constant, such as polypropylene and tange, the energy loss after absorbing the micro-coat is small and it is easy to pass(brown fused alumina). For materials with a large energy loss, such as ester aldehyde and oxophilic ethyl marriage, the electricity is quickly Heat generation with reduced strength(aluminum oxide grit). The advantage of this kind of curing process is that the adherends with complex shapes can be heated evenly and the bonding strength is good.

The characteristic of this process is that it can be cured at room temperature in a short time, and it is particularly effective for the bonding of small parts without heating(brown aluminum oxide). According to Japanese reports, it is only 2s to bond plastics in water with ultrasound, which can be applied to the bonding of warp materials, plastics and metals(black silicon carbide). The specific thickness can be determined after the test according to the shape of the joint, the type of adhesive and the type of adhesive.

First of all, when mixing the glue, it should be fully agitated to spread the glue evenly on the surface of the adherend, so that all the bonding surfaces are moistened(garnet abrasive). If solvent-based adhesives are used, they should be air-dried after the glue is applied to volatilize the solvent to reduce the stress concentration caused by pores and defects in the glue layer(green silicon carbide). The thickness of the adhesive layer is preferably 0.03 ~ 0.15mm, but not too thick.

 External heating is more commonly used for curing, which can save time and energy(garnet suppliers). The heating and curing methods include electric heating, high-frequency heating and ultrasonic heating, such as light curing The adhesive must ensure a certain light source intensity, light distance and chewing time(silicon carbide abrasive). The mechanical friction and elastic behavior of the adhesive part caused by the vibration caused by the ultrasonic wave causes the adhesive to melt and solidify.

It has been used for wood plywood, low-vinyl chloride welding, plastic bonding, and hot-melt adhesive sealing(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The curing of the adhesive, the adhesive layer is fully cured in order to exert the best bonding strength of the adhesive. Heating is conducive to cross-linking and curing, and is beneficial to the diffusion of the interface to improve activation energy and form chemical bonds to improve the strength and adhesion strength of the inner capsule(brown fused alumina suppliers).

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