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Bulk Buy Cheap Aluminum Oxide Blasting Grit Malaysia

With the increasing variety and quality of converter brick in Japan(glass bead blasting media suppliers), new technologies such as gunning and slag control have been adopted to increase the average life of converter from nearly 400 heats in 1960 to 1600 heats in 1980, high humidity fired magnesia brick(aluminum oxide blasting media), and the unit consumption of refractory materials has been reduced from nearly 6.0kg/ton steel to about 1.5kg/ton steel. 

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High temperature fired high alumina brick(white fused alumina), corundum brick, mullite brick, silicon carbide brick, carbon brick and semi graphite brick have been used in the above parts in various countries; carbon brick with low ash content has been widely used in furnace bottom and hearth, as well as artificial graphite brick and semi graphite brick(black silicon carbide manufacturers). In the past two decades, the refractories used for oxygen converter are mainly basic bricks. 

It should be pointed out that it is successful to use silicon carbide and semi graphite brick combined by self or silicon nitride on large and medium blast furnaces(garnet suppliers). In the past, the veneer method was used to paste with adhesive or fix with heat-resistant steel bolts, but the use temperature was not high; at present, the copper smelting flash furnace developed rapidly(brown aluminum oxide factory), and by 1974, 27 flash furnaces had been built all over the world.

For example, in the United States, Japan, West Germany and the Netherlands, the blast furnace life has been improved the most after the above materials are widely used(white aluminum oxide). The average life span of blast furnaces in the United States is about 6.5 years, that in the Soviet Union is about 4.5 years(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). The average life span of large and medium-sized blast furnaces in Japan is 7 years in Zuotai, with a maximum of 10 years and 8 months.

Molten steel casting can be divided into two methods: mold casting and continuous casting(steel grid). Oxygen converter can be divided into top blowing type, bottom blowing type and top bottom combined blowing type. The latter two kinds of mother type have been developed in recent ten years(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). Japan has transformed many top blown oxygen converter workshops into bottom blown or top bottom combined blown oxygen converter workshops.

Later meters developed and used magnesia dolomite brick, electric fused magnesia combined brick and unburned magnesia carbon brick(white corundum). That is to say, the proportion of fired brick increased and it was impregnated with tar pitch to increase Carbon content, improve its slag resistance(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). The so-called out of furnace refining is the second smelting in the ladle or refining furnace after the steel wire is roughened.

At home and abroad, due to the increase in the variety and quality of converter bricks (i.e. high purification(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit), high-temperature firing and high carbon content), the construction of comprehensive furnace lining, hot gunning, dynamic control and furnace flow control and other new technologies(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit), the converter life in China has been greatly improved, and the single consumption of refractory materials has been significantly reduced.

In the early stage, countries generally used tar combined with dolomite brick, tar brick, stable fired dolomite brick and fired magnesia brick(garnet abrasive). Nowadays, the meaning of the first generation furnace age in foreign countries is the service life without intermediate repair between two overhauls(white aluminium oxide 180/220). Recently, in Sweden and Japan, corundum refractory castables have been used as gun linings, with a service life of 10 and 20 times respectively.

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