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Bulk Buy Cheap Aluminum Oxide Powder Romania

Oxide bonded special refractories can also be made into amorphous refractories(white fused alumina), such as heaters, thermistors, gas sensors, coatings and castables. Oxide quilt is a kind of basic special refractory, especially the material with high thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance and low conductivity(aluminum oxide grit). It has good nuclear properties, and electronic industry as high-frequency, such as strong neutron deceleration ability and high X-ray penetration.

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In the glass industry, it is used as the melting pool brick, arch flow ring, plunger and hot repair material(white aluminum oxide). Carbon or graphite products are widely used in metallurgical industry, among which the consumption of blast furnace carbon brick is the largest, such as blast furnace bottom, hearth, bosh, etc. It can be used to make liner materials and other parts of rocket nozzle, missile nozzle and so on(synthetic corundum). Calcium oxide is also an alkaline special refractory.

(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide powder romania)It can be used to make containers for smelting rare metals and high-purity metals be, N, V, neutron retarders and anti radiation materials for atomic reactors, insulation, radiator parts, etc(white corundum). Although its melting point is very high, it is easy to be hydrated, resulting in pulverization, which is very limited in application(emery abrasive). The products can be used as special refractories for smelting platinum, ultrapure sodium and non-ferrous metals.

Although the melting point of thorium oxide is very high at 3050 ℃ and the maximum operating temperature can reach 2700 ℃, it is radioactive(silicon carbide abrasive). It can be used to smelt metal pin, hungry, basking and wrong crucible, as nuclear fuel of atomic reaction dimension, and as heating element of ultra-high temperature electric furnace(garnet abrasive). Cerium oxide special refractories, although the melting point is very high, but easy to be reduced.(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide powder romania)

Carbon brick is also used in aluminum electrolyzer, calcium carbide furnace, ferroalloy furnace(green silicon carbide), dissolving tank of paper industry, reaction tank and storage tank of chemical industry, autoclave of petrochemical industry, etc. High temperature hot isostatic pressing technology is a special refractory material of silicon oxide under high temperature and high pressure(garnet suppliers). But because of its great toxicity, it is restricted in production and application.

(bulk buy cheap aluminum oxide powder romania)It has very low coefficient of linear expansion and excellent thermal shock resistance(black silicon carbide). Fused quartz products in non-ferrous metal smelting can be used as the delivery pipeline, valve and pump village. The fused quartz ceramic products can be made into long nozzle brick and immersion nozzle brick for continuous casting(glass bead blasting media suppliers). In the chemical industry, quartz is used as the lining material of acid and corrosion resistant vessels and reactors.

Graphite block and stack electrode are used as conductive electrode materials in various industrial electric fields(aluminum oxide abrasive), such as steel-making, electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic magnesium, electrolytic nickel and electrofusion refractories. At present, only SiC, B.C and WC are widely used(steel grid). Its products can be used as containers for smelting rare earth metals, pickling tank of electroplating industry, low resistance semiconductor devices and grinding materials.

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