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Bulk Buy Cheap Brown Alumina Abrasive Thailand

The blast furnace tap hole is the channel leading out high temperature molten iron or melting(black aluminum oxide). During construction, the amount of maintenance was small, mix the coating material first and apply it on the carbon brick by hand. The thickness is generally 140 mm. Recently, Nippon Steel Corporation of Japan has developed alkaline blast mud(garnet abrasive price). In addition, the blast furnace blast mud can be mixed with appropriate amount of silicon chloride and talcum powder.

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The former can improve corrosion resistance, reduce shrinkage and not be infiltrated by molten iron(pink aluminum oxide); the latter can improve plasticity, sintering and high temperature volume stability. Therefore, the ditch lining materials with high strength, good wear resistance and strong oxidation resistance should be selected for these parts(glass bead abrasive); The furnace capacity of No. 4 blast furnace is 4288m, and the lining of non iron like fixed tapping ditch is constructed by SVP method.

Its composition is as follows(silicon carbide price): 25-60% MgO, 8-15% MgO, 12-15% carbon, sometimes fused alumina and silicon carbide are added, tar or pitch modified phenolic magnetic resin is used as binder, the dosage is 15-20%. The apparent porosity is 25-32% and the flexural strength is 32-45 kg / cm at 1450 ℃(steel shot abrasive). The alkaline blast mud has been used in 3800 m blast furnace with a top pressure of 1,5 kg / cm, and good results have been obtained.

The refractory castable is usually made of clay, aluminate cement or phosphate(brown fused alumina). The lining of 5 blast furnaces in Fukuyama plant of Japan is made by pouring or dry vibration method, and the effect is good. No.3 blast furnace has a furnace capacity of 3223m, and the lining of the tapping ditch is constructed by casting method(green carborundum). The mixture ratio of castable is 100% of refractory aggregate, 1-10% of resin, 0.5-3.0% of binder, 0.2-1.0% of phosphate and 0.2-1.0% of hardener.

The amount of iron flowing in the main iron ditch increased from 90000 tons to 300000 tons, the service life increased from 40 days to 120 days(brown aluminum oxide), the unit consumption of ditch material decreased from 0.95kg/ton iron to 0.65kg/ton iron, but the baking time needed to be extended for 3 hours. The ratio of vibrating material is: 0.1-5.0% of aluminum powder covered with resin(white fused alumina oxide mfg), 1-8% of bonded material, 1-5% of metal silicon or alloy silicon, and the rest is refractory aggregate.

The lining trench material of the main trench of blast furnace is generally made of fused alumina silicon carbide system material(brown aluminium oxide), while the lining trench material of other parts is made of pyrophyllite carbide system material. According to the data, Nippon Steel Co., Ltd(silicon carbide companies). has generally used the n-cast method and SVP method to construct the lining on the blast furnace tap hole since 1978, which has significantly improved the service life and reduced the consumption of refractories to about 0.3kg/t iron.

The most easily damaged part of the lining of the blast furnace tap hole is the main tap hole(white aluminium oxide), especially in the turbulent zone 1 ~ 2m away from the tap hole and the village at the bottom of the slag collector. This is due to the mechanical erosion and erosion of molten iron and slag under high temperature(glass beads manufacturers). The main ditch of blast furnace tapping ditch can be divided into three types: iron storage type, half iron storage type and non iron storage type.

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