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Bulk Buy Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide Sand Ireland

When the amount of dolomite added is insufficient, i.e. the MgO content in the slag is low(black silicon carbide), all points are below the zero line, then the furnace lining will retreat to erosion; on the contrary, if the MgO content in the melting process is too much, the viscosity of the slag will increase(brown fused alumina manufacturer), which can protect the furnace lining and improve the furnace life, but also make the furnace bottom rise too fast, affecting the normal production.

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Plasticizer can improve the plasticity and thixotropy of fire-resistant coating, reduce the loss of rebound, help to form a good gunning layer at high temperature, and extend the service life(brown fused alumina). The maximum particle size of the fire-resistant spray coating is 3mm, sometimes 5mm(black aluminum oxide). When the furnace is opened for production, the carbon drawing temperature of the former is greater than 1680 ° C, while that of the latter is controlled at 1650 ~ 1670c.

In addition, the content of FeO in molten iron is much, which can promote the melting of Cao and increase the basicity of slag, but it has serious erosion on furnace lining(brown aluminum oxide). Because FeO is easy to react with the carbon in the lining material to form a decarburization layer. It reacts with CaO and produces low melting point substances such as Dicalcium ferrite(emery abrasive), which increases the fluidity of slag and accelerates the erosion of furnace lining.

When tar and basic bricks are used as lining, fast heating method must be used to dry the furnace(pink aluminum oxide); when oxygen converter is built by burning basic bricks, slow heating system can be used to dry the furnace. According to the experience of production practice, the Soviet Union and other countries(white fused alumina price), improper operation of furnace drying and opening can lead to cracking and peeling of furnace lining, and even cause furnace collapse.

In this way, the damage of furnace lining can be reduced and the furnace life can be significantly increased(silicon carbide abrasive). In the process of converter production in Japan, the United States, West Germany, electronic computers are used for dynamic control, making the hit rate of temperature and carbon reach 96.1%, reducing the number of sampling and re blowing in the shaking furnace(brown fused aluminium oxide), and the end-point temperature of blowing can be reduced by 10 ℃.

At the same time, the use of two hole or porous oxygen lance and auxiliary lance can reduce the splashing of slag(brown aluminium oxide), improve the oxygen supply speed, and reduce the blowing time without shaking furnace for temperature measurement and sampling. In addition to the basicity and temperature of the slag(synthetic corundum), the ratio of scrap steel and the oxygen supply system also have a direct impact on the life of the oxygen converter lining.

The temperature control of baking and opening is very important(white alumina). For example, the average service life of oxygen converter lining in Japan's junjin plant has reached about 5000 heats. The common methods include adding coke, pouring hot slag or adding furnace cover and gas to bake, etc., so as to keep the furnace lining temperature above 600 ℃(aluminum oxide grit), and the furnace lining is generally undamaged when the furnace is opened again.

In addition, properly increasing the tap hole or reducing the tap temperature can also reduce the erosion of high temperature molten steel on the furnace lining and improve the service life of the oxygen converter lining(green silicon carbide). When the furnace is empty for a long time, the times of smelting in Japan and Europe, the variety of steel, the shape of the furnace, insulation measures shall be taken to prevent the lining brick from breaking or peeling off(aluminum oxide abrasive).

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