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At present, there are two kinds of more mature mold, namely concave anvil mold and ring mold, the latter is the mainstream of international mold development(silicon carbide companies). The die of hexahedral top device is an integral part of the equipment, which forms static pressure from six directions, which is the mainstream of ultra-high pressure equipment in China(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The following describes the basic principle of super-high pressure produced by hexahedral press.

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When the atom and atom are close to each other and combined into a solid(arc fused alumina), the electron is affected not only by its own atomic nucleus, but also by the adjacent atomic nucleus, and produces the co-existence motion of the valence electron. The result of the influence makes the energy level of the electron split and forms the energy band There are full band and guide band, separated by forbidden band in the middle(corundum white). The atomic spacing is 0.154nm.

In China, the two side top device is one-way pressure, the establishment of static pressure depends on the mold(brown fused alumina). The motion state of the electron in the atom is determined by N, l, m and m, four quantum numbers. Each possible state is proved by the energy level table. Therefore, graphite can be used as a lubricant(fused alumina). When graphite is transformed into diamond, the electronic orbit is changed from SP hybrid orbit becomes SP hybrid orbit.

Crystals can get denser packing through the rearrangement of the core, which leads to the change of crystal structure and the formation of new materials(brown aluminum oxide). For example, the transformation of graphite to diamond under high pressure is the best example. So high pressure not only changes the distance between atoms, but also makes the asymmetric structure become symmetrical structure(black oxide aluminum). Graphite and diamond are made up of carbon atoms.

It has been pointed out that graphite is a layered structure. In the plane of graphite, the carbon atoms are arranged into hexagon, forming an extensible plane(white alumina). The atomic spacing is 0.142nm, but the distance between the planes is far, 0.335nm. According to this change, Wentorf asserts that the hexagonal nitridation can be transformed into cubic boron nitride under pressure(glass beads supplier). The interlayer bonding force is weak, and they can slide each other.

Using the same principle, it can be proved that the lattice structure of diamond is formed by infinite repetition of tetrahedrons made up of carbon atoms(silicon carbide price). Each carbon atom is in the center of tetrahedron, four neighboring atoms form the center of tetrahedron, four neighboring atoms form the four corners of tetrahedron, and are connected by covalent bond(white aluminum oxide blast media). The synthetic process of diamond is a complex physical and chemical process of multiphase system.

Under the pressure, the new atomic orbitals may have greater stability(green carborundum). In 1957, he confirmed this conclusion with experiments and created a second super hard material, cubic boron nitride. According to their own experimental results and phenomena, a variety of synthetic models of synthetic diamond have been put forward by domestic and foreign researchers engaged in the research of synthetic diamond(buy brown fused alumina), and these models are used to explain the synthetic mechanism of synthetic diamond.

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