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Then the multi-functional start-up mechanism drops and clamps the guide rod, operates the small box fixture, slowly lifts the anode to lift it out(brown fused alumina). Pay attention to the personnel's cooperation to hook up the surface shell block inspected at the edge, and it is forbidden to fall into the groove(black alumina). Along the periphery of the anode diagram, the anode is protected with a layer of aluminum oxide shell.

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The crown block is hung with a new level of pole changing position, so that the positioning line on the guide rod is parallel to the bottom edge of the horizontal bus(white alumina). In addition, the mass flow in the tank and the falling surface shell block are injected with the installation quality of the new level, so as to avoid the uneven current distribution(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Contact the computer to enter the pole changing program.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina lithuania)

In order to ensure the stable operation of the electrolytic machinery, it is necessary to stagger the replacement time of the adjacent poles(black fused alumina). Secondly, the anode weight and current distribution of the two horizontal buses should be uniform; thirdly, the workload should be leveled(fused aluminium oxide). This method is based on the lower edge of the horizontal bus, marking on the residual forging guide rod and marking with the wrong caliper.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina lithuania)The anode replacement is completed with the cooperation of multi-functional unit(100 grit aluminum oxide). The residual grade is transported out of the operation surface, and the marking line on the residual orange guide rod is specially moved with aluminum caliper, and the child consumption of L. SEM is released(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The magnetic control computer does not control the RC, and the floating material is lifted out from the residual pole.

The phenomenon of voltage fluctuation is observed(pink corundum). Or changing the anode at a certain position is easy to cause frequency fluctuation. The sugar in the infusion section is drained out, and the fallen surface shell blocks are sown with tools such as large simulation and long penetration(low density white alumina). Check the condition of bottom protection and temporary slow down, and push the bottom sediment away. The pole change is over.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina lithuania)

First of all, adjust the two levels and record the thickness of reinforcement(brown aluminium oxide). It is mainly reflected in the flow of electrolytic auxiliary voltage and the deterioration of materials. It is necessary to strengthen the quality management of acid exchange. After the electrolyzer changes money(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), it is necessary to carry out the edge collection and loading work, and the edge closing will first break the county noodles shell blocks.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina lithuania)Voltage fluctuation, manual replacement of anode setting error, uneven anode current distribution(black synthetic corundum). It is necessary to replace the anode and the anode, which seems to affect the electrolyzer. The amount of crushed materials should be leveled according to the requirements of the specifications(aluminum oxide blast media). Tighten the small box clamp, clean and remove the site, make relevant records, and prepare materials for edge collection.

At this time, the crown block opens the shell surface along the edge to prepare to be changed(black corundum). As shown in the detailed diagram of the pole changing operation procedure, attention should be paid to reducing the material sliding during the process of changing section, and the short structure of the surface shell should be brought out as far as possible. Loose edge loading(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). Then cover the powder and drunk materials.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina lithuania)

After the edges are collected and leveled, the materials must be neat and solid, and no anode frame can be exposed(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, please sort out the tropical materials. Open the three cover plates at the pole changing position, and use the iron target to remove the floating material above the remnant electrode in a fan-shaped manner(black silicon carbide factory), and the multi-functional unit will open the shell surface of the residual electrode.

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