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Bulk Buy Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Malaysia

PVB grinding wheel has poor heat resistance and wear resistance. If it is used aluminum oxide abrasive media together with phenolic resin and alum, it can get high strength and similar performance to phenolic resin grinding tool. Polyaminobismaleimide (PABM) resin: PABM is a prepolymer of maleimide, aluminum oxide 40 grit which is polymerized from maleic anhydride and diaminodiphenylmethane.

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It is dark blue solid powder with brown fused alumina density of 1.28 ~ 1.30g/cm, melting point of 142 ~ 164 ℃, insoluble in organic solvent, resistant to strong acid and sensitive to strong alkali. The curing process of PABM resin belongs to addition polymerization without by-products, so the abrasives are not easy to foam and the green carborundum hardening time is shortened. Polyamide resin is mainly used for manufacturing 70m / s high-speed grinding wheel and high-speed cutting wheel.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina malaysia)

PABM resin has the following characteristics: first, high mechanical strength. The brown aluminum oxide mechanical strength changes with the ratio of maleimide to diaminodiphenylmethane. Second, excellent heat resistance. The heat resistance increases with the increase of Bismaleimide ratio, and the mechanical and electrical properties are better in the range of 310 ~ 343 ℃, the decomposition is slow in strong flame, and the alumina abrasive long-term use temperature is 180 ~ 250 ℃.

Third, excellent curing performance. The brown aluminium oxide highest hardening temperature is 200 ~ 240 ℃. PABM resin has excellent wear resistance, which is mainly used in the manufacture of diamond resin abrasive tools. In the common resin abrasive tools, it is mainly used to silicon carbide companies manufacture cutting wheel and small pitch (0.25 mm) grinding wheel, which is characterized by wear resistance, good geometry retention and high quality of the workpiece.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina malaysia)Polyamide has small specific gravity, white alumina high impact strength, good oil resistance, wear resistance and high tensile strength. However, its thermal deformation temperature is low, its long-term use temperature is below 80 ℃, and its hygroscopicity is large. Therefore, the mechanical properties of polyamide and the dimensional stability of its arc fused alumina products will obviously change with the change of temperature. 

Linear polyurethane can be dissolved in acetone, ethyl acetate and other black corundum organic solvents, but not in alcohol, benzene, toluene and other solvents. Unsaturated polyester (UPR) resin: the comprehensive performance of the cured resin is good, water absorption of 0.2% ~ 0.3%, excellent chemical adhesion; the unsaturated polyester resin is formed by the fused alumina condensation of unsaturated binary acid and binary alcohol.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina malaysia)

The characteristics of pink corundum polyurethane adhesive are: controllable molecular chain segment to make adhesive with different hardness and elongation; simple bonding process and good operation performance; good wear resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, black oxide aluminum chemical resistance, ozone resistance and bacteria resistance; easy hydrolysis under high temperature and humidity to reduce the bonding strength.

The characteristics of the unsaturated polyester resin are: silicon carbide price excellent process performance, room temperature curable, atmospheric pressure molding and no small molecular by-products after curing; its mechanical properties are slightly lower than that of epoxy resin, but better than phenolic resin; for various metals and Nonmetal materials have good adhesion, high transparency, good acid and alkali resistance, glass beads supplier low price and many varieties.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina malaysia)

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