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Bulk Buy Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Powder Ecuador

The role of the resin replenishment port is mainly used to replenish and replace new resin(glass bead abrasive). When refilling the resin, the resin can be added from here using the siphon addition method. Its location should be above the resin layer and as close as possible to the upper water distribution(buy brown fused alumina). The position of the resin transfer tube should be set at 30~50 mm on the resin interface. Its function varies with the regeneration method.

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Observation windows should generally be provided for ion exchange columns made of opaque materials(garnet abrasive price). In small and medium-sized ion exchange columns, the effective height of the observation window is 300 to 500 mm, and the effective width is 30 to 50 mm. When in use, the mesh cloth can be clamped and installed by two porous resin plates(white aluminum oxide blast media). Its role is mainly to ensure uniform cloth water and prevent resin from escaping during backwashing.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina powder ecuador)Some devices are symmetrically set at the same height, one is lighting, so that observation is more convenient(glass beads manufacturers). Set two observation windows in a single bed. Three observation surfaces are generally provided in the mixed bed to facilitate observation of the interface between the yin and yang resins(brown fused alumina oxide). The type of transfer tube is the simplest with a loose-mouth single-tube type, and the discharge port should be set at a downward slope of 30.

Bleed acid drain pipe is mainly used for mixed bed ion exchange column for regeneration in the column(arc fused alumina). When the equipment is timed, the resin interface after replacement can be filled with resin 30-30 mm above the top of the cloth acid drain pipe. When the acid-base two-step method or the simultaneous regeneration method respectively passing through the positive and negative resins are adopted(white fused aluminium oxide), the holes can be arranged in full pipes.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina powder ecuador)

When using the two-step method of alkali concentration flowing through the positive and negative resins at the same time, when the two-step method of passing the positive and negative resins through the acid and alkali is used, it can eliminate the acid and alkali waste liquid (free acid Post-alkali); when the simultaneous treatment method is adopted(brown fused alumina manufacturer), it plays the role of simultaneously excluding acid-base regeneration waste liquid.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina powder ecuador)The position of the cloth acid drainage port is also called the proportional port, which is generally the position of the interface between the positive and negative resins(brown aluminum oxide). In order to avoid the destruction of the negative resin by the acid solution, and considering the shrinkage after the cation regeneration(white fused alumina price), the cloth acid drainage is often used The tube top of the tube is set 30 to 50 mm below the resin interface after regeneration.

In order to avoid resin flow and clogging of holes, wrap a layer of mesh cloth in the acid tube(brown aluminium oxide). The hole table is generally 6 mm, because it is difficult to make small holes, and the area of the hole is not less than 4 times the inner diameter of the acid pipe(brown fused aluminium oxide). When the alkaline solution flows through the positive and negative resin at the same time, the perforations should be arranged in the circle of the lower part 160 of the porous tube.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina powder ecuador)

Resin transfer tube is mainly used in the mixed bed exchange column for the migration and regeneration of negative resin(white aluminium oxide). When designing, it is required that the gold part of the anion resin should be pushed out as much as possible, but not the male resin(steel shot abrasive). When the equipment has been timed, it only plays the role of acid: and the other is observation, the resin interface can be turned 30-30 mm below the resin transfer tube to fill the resin.

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