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Bulk Buy Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Russia

The formation mechanism of chrome corundum is similar to that of brown fused alumina, except that a certain amount of chromium oxide is added, generally 2% to 10%. The smelting process is no different from white corundum. First batch mixing with alumina: chromium oxide = 5: 1 ratio, and then add the mixture with industrial alumina simultaneously into the furnace, the utilization rate of chromium oxide is 40% ~ 60%. Chrome corundum is red or fuchsia.

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In order to meet special applications, a certain amount of basic components such as Na2O or K2O can be added to industrial brown aluminum oxide, and fused β-corundum can be obtained by melting in an electric arc furnace, typically -Al2O3 (Na2O · 11Al2O3). Wrong-sensitive corundum. Fused fused alumina is basically the same as fused fused alumina. It is a kind of corundum material with light gray in white, which is unique in China by using abundant rare earth resources.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina russia)

The brown aluminium oxide main components of the enrichment are: Pr6O121% ~ 23%, Na2O, 65% ~ 70%, La2033% ~ 9%, Sm2, about 5%. The average addition is equivalent to 30.175% with NdaO. It is made by melting and cooling in an electric furnace. The error-sensitive corundum material is well-crystallized and is white or off-white. Microcrystalline corundum. There are also green silicon carbide and nickel corundum, which are still under development and have unstable performance.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina russia)Introduction of 2.5% to 2.7% of error-sensitive enrichment in industrial alumina. The manufacturing process is similar to white alumina, and its chemical composition is basically the same as that of brown corundum, and its color is darker than black silicon carbide. Single-crystal corundum particles made of high-alumina bauxite, pyrite, carbon material, and iron filings, smelted, cooled, and hydrolyzed in an electric arc furnace at high temperatures. Single crystal corundum. 

black corundum. The main difference between the two is that the molten corundum melt is rapidly cooled during the production of microcrystalline alumina, and the size of the corundum crystal is small, generally 50 ~ 250um, which makes it tougher than brown corundum and stronger than emery abrasive. Single crystal corundum. The power consumption of the product is 50% higher than that of synthetic corundum, and the yield is very low.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina russia)

The production cost is 1.5 times that of silicon carbide abrasive, which is almost the same as white corundum. After smelting the brown corundum, the brown corundum pieces which have been melted but not fully reduced are sorted out. The impurity content is very high, generally containing Al2O3, 70% to 85%, and the rest are SiO2 (10% to 13%) and Fe2O3 (8% to 11%). The bulk density is 3.65 to 3.90 g / cm. aluminum oxide grit is made from high alumina bauxite.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina russia)As the impurities in alumina are not sufficiently reduced, the content of Al2O3 is generally about 80%, which is lower than that of pink corundum, and it still contains about 10% of Fe2O3. This corundum has good toughness and low hardness. aluminum oxide abrasive. Industrial alumina and vanadium pentoxide are melted, cooled and crystallized in an electric arc furnace. They are mainly used in the abrasive industry. Refractories have not yet been used.

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