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It reflects the degree of difficulty for white aluminum oxide abrasive particles to fall off from the surface. In addition, there are other classification methods, such as oxide abrasives, brown white fused aluminium oxide, carbide abrasives, silicon carbide abrasive, diamond abrasives, Nitride Abrasives, Cubic Boron Nitride Abrasives, etc. Abrasives (consolidated Abrasives) are composed of abrasives bonded together by a binder.

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The hardness of grinding tool is very important for grinding. white alumina grains, binders and pores are called the three elements of abrasive tools. The tools used for grinding, grinding and polishing are called abrasives. Inorganic bond abrasives - ceramic bond abrasives, diamond bond abrasives, organic bond abrasives - resin bond abrasives, rubber bond abrasives. There are different methods and standards for measuring the hardness of garnet abrasive price in different countries.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina taiwan)Generally, there are several methods for the classification of brown fused alumina as follows: consolidation abrasives - grinding wheel, grinding head, sanding tile, grinding stone, polishing block coated abrasives - abrasive cloth, sandpaper, abrasive belt, sanding plate, metal bond abrasives, wheel grinding paste - hard paste, ointment. The definition of the hardness of arc fused alumina tools determines the method and index of measuring the hardness of abrasive tools. 

Many edges and corners of black corundum exposed on the surface of abrasive tools are cutting edges during machining. The bond abrasive particles form a tool with enough strength and certain hardness. The air hole plays the role of chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding. If other substances such as paraffin and sulfur are impregnated in the pores, the grinding performance of green carborundum tools can be improved, which is called the fourth element.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina taiwan)

There are gaps between them, brown aluminum oxide which are called pores. In order to meet the requirements of different grinding processes, different binders are used to make grinding tools. Commonly used are ceramic bond, code V; resin bond, code B; rubber bond, code R; magnesite bond, code mg: and metal bond, code M. The hardness of abrasives refers to the resistance of binders to resist abrasive particles falling off the surface of fused alumina under the action of external forces.

(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina taiwan)The corresponding hardness from a, B, C, D, e, F, G to Y. is from soft to hard. Generally, when a small part of the surface of the pink corundum tool is affected by external force, a pit will be formed on the surface, and the depth of the pit or the size of the resistance, as well as other indication methods, will be taken as the hardness index. The silicon carbide companies main factors that affect the hardness of abrasive tools are the nature and quantity of binder, forming density, but not the hardness of abrasive.

The grinding effect of different hardness grinding tools is different, and the requirements of different brown aluminium oxide material workpiece on the hardness of grinding tools are also different. According to the national standard of China, the hardness of abrasives is divided into seven major grades and nineteen minor grades, firing time and temperature, which are expressed in English letters. The substance that binds the black oxide aluminum particles in the abrasive tool is called the binder.(bulk buy cheap brown fused alumina taiwan)

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