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Therefore, in the slag line and other parts(white aluminium oxide), the tar soaked high alumina brick with Al2O3 content of 60-70% is used for masonry, which can make the life of the lining of the mixer car reach the level when the desulfurization operation is not carried out in the car(fused alumina). The general part of its inner lining is made of clay brick or ordinary high aluminum brick, while the easily damaged parts such as the iron port and slag line are made of high aluminum brick.

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At the end of 1981, the Nagoya plant of Nippon Steel Co., Ltd. had 41 mixer cars(black aluminum oxide). The results of research and trial use in various countries show that in order to improve the service life of the lining of the mixer, the permanent lining is changed from one layer of brick to two layers of brick(glass beads manufacturers), the vulnerable parts are built by the new masonry method, and the damaged parts are repaired by the vibration forming method with high filling degree.

After these measures are adopted, the life of the inner lining of the mixed iron car is continuously prolonged(pink aluminum oxide). The inner insulation layer of the West German mixer is usually made of light clay brick or heat preservation board, with a permanent lining of 1 brick. Each car went back and forth between the blast furnace and converter twice a day, and its lining life was generally about 600 times(garnet abrasive price). When the desulfurizer is added to the car, the use times are significantly reduced. 

There were 980 times in 1979, 1372 times in 1980. By 1981, there were 6 sets with more than 2000 times(brown fused alumina). The highest life span had reached 2129 times, which set a new record. The refractory used for the inner lining of the mixed iron car is similar in different countries(green carborundum). For the complex and vulnerable parts, such as the iron port and flow nozzle, the irregular refractory is generally used instead of the irregular brick, which is more successful.

In addition, when the mixer in Japan, West Germany, Britain and the United States is damaged by the iron port and other parts, the fire-resistant coating is used for gunning and repair(brown aluminum oxide), and good technical and economic results are also obtained. In order to prolong the service life of the mixer, and the purity of the material is improved; the reasonable use of basic bricks should be considered in addition to the selection of good acid aluminum refractory bricks(glass bead abrasive).

Generally, the coke oven life is 20-25 years, and there are breakthroughs at home and abroad(brown aluminium oxide). The mixer can transport more than 400000 tons of molten iron, and the consumption of refractories is less than 0.2kg/ton of iron. It is easy to construct, without slag and with long service life(silicon carbide companies). However, when desulfurizing the molten iron in the ladle, the service life of the ladle lining with the same material is reduced to 2000-300 times, sometimes lower.

The working layer is made of high aluminum brick with Al2O3 content of 70-80%. It has a long service life and can transport molten iron 1000 times(brown fused aluminum oxide). The lining of Liangde iron furnace is generally made of fired mirror bricks for the parts contacting with molten iron, while the other parts are lined with high aluminum bricks, with a high average mission, that is, the loading capacity of molten iron is about 2 million tons(arc fused alumina). The maximum capacity of Japanese mixer is 600 tons.

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