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The adhesion wear theory of Achard model was first proposed by R. Holm and developed by J. F. Archard and E. rabinowirch(carborundum grit suppliers). Holm is the first one to distinguish the apparent contact from the actual contact, and the accepted adhesive wear mechanism model is based on the calculation of the real contact area(carborundum powder). The famous adhesive wear achad die. The adhesion resistance of brittle materials is higher than that of plastic materials.

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Generally, due to the fact that the actual metal surface always has a certain roughness(garnet abrasive), and the height of the surface micro convex body is different, when the two surfaces contact, the highest micro convex body first contacts and plastic deformation occurs under the load(glass bead blasting media suppliers); then some secondary high micro convex bodies contact each other to generate plastic deformation until they are balanced with the external load.(bulk buy cheap pink fused aluminum oxide malaysia)

In terms of metallographic structure, the adhesion tendency of multiphase metal is smaller than that of single-phase metal(brown fused alumina); the adhesion tendency of compound is smaller than that of single-phase solid solution; the adhesion tendency of friction pair composed of metal and nonmetal (such as graphite, plastic, etc.) is smaller than that of friction pair composed of metals(garnet suppliers). The influence of lubrication condition on adhesive wear is greater. 

(bulk buy cheap pink fused aluminum oxide malaysia)The adhesion failure of plastic materials often occurs at a certain depth from the surface(brown aluminum oxide), and the wear particles are larger; the adhesive wear products of plastic materials are mostly metal debris, and the failure depth is shallow. Adhesive wear is formed at the same time(green silicon carbide powder). When the crystal surface with high atomic density and low surface energy is used as the surface, the adhesion force is low, so the adhesive wear rate is also low.

The friction pairs composed of materials with high mutual solubility (the same metal or character type, lattice spacing(brown fused aluminum oxide), electronic density and electrochemical performance are similar) have a high adhesion tendency; on the contrary, dissimilar metals or dissimilar metals with different properties have a low adhesion tendency(black silicon carbide powder). The crystal structure has an effect on adhesive wear. The orientation of crystal surface affects the adhesion wear characteristics.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the use of surface treatment technology can make the surface of friction pair with small mutual solubility(white aluminium oxide), multi-phase with compound structure, or use metal rich coating, coating, etc., to avoid friction between the same metals, and to prevent adhesive wear, such as electroplating, surface chemical treatment, surface alloying deposition, surface heat treatment(steel grid), spray plating and surfacing welding.(bulk buy cheap pink fused aluminum oxide malaysia)

The influence of pressure in the design, if the determination of pressure is less than 1 / 3 of material hardness, adhesion will not occur(black aluminum oxide). Under certain pressure, the adhesive wear increases with the increase of sliding speed, and then decreases with the increase of sliding speed after reaching a certain maximum value(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Trace alloying elements such as carbon and sulfur can retard the adhesion of metals and alloys, which will reduce the adhesion wear.

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