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After a series of measurements, the sprayer must be washed with a wrong liquor or a distilled water(white fused alumina). Medium gas air flame can only excite alkali metal and reducing earth metal elements, and block B oxygen fire box can excite more than 57 elements. In the form of sprayers, the amount of liquid consumed per unit time is also different(aluminum oxide abrasive). The determination of elements such as K, Na and Ca by flame photometer is compared with that of cylinder.

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The measured solution is atomized into a spray, and is compressed into compressed air(white aluminum oxide). Then it is mixed with combustible gas and flame is burned on the burner. When measuring, first make the curve with the standard solution. This method is called direct determination. There are many factors that determine the excitation conditions. The atomizer should be kept very clean and unclean(aluminum oxide grit). The zero point of the galvanometer shall be corrected with blank solution.

(bulk buy cheap white corundum sand saudi arabia)The characteristic line of the measured element in the light source is emitted to the photoelectric bubble through the filter, and the corresponding photocurrent is generated in the galvanometer(white corundum). The absolute intensity of the characteristic spectrum of elements measured by "direct determination" is affected by many factors, such as: 1. Change of excitation conditions; 2. Change of composition of analytical solution(synthetic corundum); 3. Change of part of the situation of photometer.

It will cause great error(black silicon carbide). As a fuel gas, its wood body shall be pure and shall not contain other impurities to make the flame colored. During the determination, the standard solution shall be prepared first, and the reagent shall be high-purity chemical substance, one strand shall be prepared with the standard reagent(emery abrasive). The composition of groundwater depends on the composition of the soil and the ore bed through which the water passes, and the standard curve needs to be re measured.(bulk buy cheap white corundum sand saudi arabia)

In the actual measurement, because the adjustment of each flow rate of the flame photometer often can't keep the same preparation times, the curve drawn by the standard solution changes(green silicon carbide). Therefore, in recent years, it is more convenient to directly compare the content of samples by standard solution and sample analysis, for samples with such soundness as aluminum sulfate(60 grit aluminum oxide). Carbon dioxide and oxygen dissolved in groundwater promote water to interact with many inorganic and organic substances.

(bulk buy cheap white corundum sand saudi arabia)The analytical sample is divided into two parts: A and B(brown fused alumina price). Add a known amount of the standard solution of the measurement plan to B, dilute the two solutions to the same volume, measure them separately, and finally calculate that the groundwater is formed by the surface water penetrating the soil(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Ion exchange method is widely used because of its simple operation, less energy consumption, large amount of water and good water quality.

It accumulates in the underground, such as spring water, well water, etc(silicon carbide abrasive). The more soil is filled, the greater the content of substances dissolved in water is. The change of gas pressure and spray condition will seriously affect the stability of flame. The shortcomings of the standard solution addition method and the direct determination method(fused aluminum oxide). However, if there is a large amount of algae in the water, it will also cause pipe blockage and other accidents.

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