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It was found that the content of compound carbon (the amount of carbon in cementite) in the former group of samples was significantly lower than the latter(fused aluminium oxide), and there were fine flake graphites, while the latter had coarser graphite. The solidified cast iron does not have type A graphite, but type D graphite, and even produces cementite(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Both samples were quenched at a temperature of 20-30℃ lower than the eutectic temperature, and then tested.

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D Graphite micropulp as a matrix of graphite nucleation The basis of the theory of graphite particle nucleation is to confirm that there are a large number of ultra-microscopic graphite particles or carbon atom groups in the molten iron(aluminum oxide blast media). For the same reason, adding FeO to the molten iron to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the molten iron is also undesirable(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Cupola hot metal or induction furnace hot metal that is constantly stirred by electromagnetic force contains more dissolved oxygen.

(bulk buy cheap white fused alumina powder brazil)But after holding for a certain period of time, the surface of the silica particles may interact with iron or manganese oxides to form a 2FeO·SiO2 (or 2MnO·SiO2) fusion layer, which reduces or even loses its effectiveness as a heterogeneous nucleation matrix. Someone has tried to add solid silica particles to the molten iron, hoping that it can play a role in incubation(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Overheat the molten iron to a temperature higher than the equilibrium temperature of Si-C and keep it warm.

But even if the concentration of dissolved oxygen is sufficient(black silicon carbide factory), silica particles formed below the FeO formation temperature generally cannot become a graphite nucleation matrix. This is because at lower temperatures, FeO and molten iron cannot be sufficiently separated, and the surface of the silica particles is covered by the FeO melt, thereby losing the characteristic of becoming a graphite nucleus(aluminium oxide 36 grit). The other group was melted at 1400℃ and kept in the furnace for 5min.

In the process of lowering the temperature of the molten iron, the silicon in the molten iron reacts with the dissolved oxygen to generate a large amount of silica(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Using ferrosilicon with high silicon content to add molten iron as close as possible to the start of pouring can produce good inoculation effects(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). This situation generally occurs when the original molten iron has a high carbon and silicon content and the sample cools quickly.(bulk buy cheap white fused alumina powder brazil)

Someone had cast two sets of gray cast iron samples with different melting temperatures earlier(brown fused alumina factory). According to the silica nucleation point of view, when the molten iron reaches the solidification temperature, these graphite particles and the segregated carbon atom groups become the graphite nucleation matrix, allowing carbon atoms to be conveniently deposited on it to form graphite nuclei(aluminum oxide 40 grit). It was melted at 1500℃ and kept in the furnace for 20min.

(bulk buy cheap white fused alumina powder brazil)The experimenter believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that the graphite particles that are already present in the molten iron have not been dissolved into the molten iron at 1400°C(black silicon carbide suppliers), and these graphite particles become the core of graphite crystals during the solidification process, resulting in the coarse graphite produced. These silicas are clean and relatively stable in a short time and can form a graphite nucleus matrix(white fused alumina for refractory). The graphite type changes.

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