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Bulk Buy High Quality Low Soda Alumina Sweden

The foamed styrene beads have a closed honeycomb structure with a bulk density of about 0.02g/em and a particle size of 1-3mm(white fused alumina). The diameter of expanded polystyrene beads used for making light bricks can be selected according to the volume density of the products(steel grid). For products with small volume density, use slightly larger beads (less than 2mm), and for products with large volume density, use slightly smaller beads (less than LMM).

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The basic ingredients for the production of 0.8-1.2g/em alumina poly light brick are(white aluminum oxide): sintered a-alumina powder: 85% - 95%, Suzhou earth powder: 5% - 10%; foamed vinyl beads: 2.5% - 3.0%; sawdust: 1% - 2%; dextrin: 1% - 2%; methylcellulose: 0.5% - 1%; external water: 26% - 28%(synthetic corundum). In the firing process, due to the high moisture content of the brick and the volatilization of the light ball, the heating rate should be properly reduced.(bulk buy high quality low soda alumina sweden)

With the increase of foaming agent dosage, the apparent porosity of alumina lightweight brick also increases(white corundum). The expanded polystyrene bead ball is used as the loss on ignition additive, because it does not absorb water, although the drying deformation of the product is small, it can not help to transfer water(glass bead blasting media suppliers), so that the surface of the product is dried first, which affects the internal water removal, and is easy to cause cracking. 

This situation can be improved by using compound loss on ignition additives(silicon carbide abrasive). The mixing procedure is as follows: take quantitative clean water, organic binding agent xanthodextrin and methylcellulose, and mix them well in the mixer. The thermal conductivity of polystyrene spheres decreased with the increase of the amount of polystyrene spheres added(aluminum oxide grit), so that the surface of the polystyrene beads can be evenly covered with binder.

(bulk buy high quality low soda alumina sweden)Take the expanded polystyrene beads with fixed quantity(green silicon carbide), mix them with the solution of dissolved organic binder in the mixer (beater, mud mixer). The sintered aluminum oxide powder and Suzhou earth powder shall be fully dry mixed first, and then added into the mixer until they are evenly mixed(garnet suppliers). It can make the mud moisture even, that is, increase the plasticity and improve the performance of the green body.

The light bricks formed by pouring can also be mixed in the mixer(aluminum oxide abrasive), the dry mixed powder is added into the mixed liquid (water, organic binder, poly light ball), and then the water is added to adjust the fluidity of the mud, and the pouring can be formed after mixing(garnet abrasive). Apply oil to the surface of the formwork for lubrication, pad 1 layer of paper at the lower part of the wood formwork and 3 layers of paper at the lower part of the metal formwork.

That is to say, dry mix the powder evenly on the sand mixer, then add the above mixture for wet mixing, and wet mix the material for 10-15min(black silicon carbide). The products made by pouring can use wood mold or metal mold. Because the products after burning need to be cut and grinded, the blank body should be left with a large margin(emery abrasive), and the setting out rate can be determined according to the specific conditions of the Museum (about 30%).(bulk buy high quality low soda alumina sweden)

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