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Bulk Buy High Quality White Alumina Grit Philippines

Silicon chloride special refractories(aluminium oxide for blasting). In the metallurgical industry, it can be used as imitation containers, pipelines for transporting liquid metals, valves, pumps, thermocouple bushings, as well as non-metallic refining snails, boats and various furnace lining materials(brown fused alumina manufacturer). Taking advantage of its good wear resistance, it can be used to manufacture bearing balls and rollers, ceramic parts and cutting materials of high-speed textile machines.

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Due to its high corrosion resistance, heat resistance and thermal shock resistance to molten metal and other liquids(white fused alumina make company), it can be used as a container for various molten liquids, as a basis for increasing the amount of single products, thermocouple protection tubes and pressure casting molds. In the machinery industry, it can be made into turbine blades, turbine blades, and automobile engine blades(white fused alumina price).  There are two types of centrifugal pouring methods: vertical and horizontal.

(bulk buy high quality white alumina grit philippines)Due to the good electrical insulation of the nitriding circle(white aluminum oxide sand), it can be used as the lining material of magnetic fluid power generation devices and plasma gas flow furnaces, high-frequency electrical insulation materials, transistors, heat sinks for integrated circuits and nozzles of ion rockets. High-purity aluminum nitride can be used as a semiconductor container for arsenic wipe and phosphide wipe(brown fused aluminium oxide). Generalized aluminum special refractories.

Chlorine poison can also be used as a lubricant and mold release agent(white fused alumina). The wear resistance of the grinding wheel made of cubic ammoniated surpasses the grinding wheel made of diamond. Since aluminum chloride is a very good corrosion-resistant material, it can be used as a snail increaser, mold release agent and protection tube for smelting metals(white fused aluminum oxide). It is a container used for aluminum vacuum steaming in the refining industry.(bulk buy high quality white alumina grit philippines)

The basic classification of raw materials are: high melting point oxide raw materials, such as Al2O3, MgO, Z4O, etc(brown fused aluminum oxide). These raw materials are extracted from the ore using chemical methods. If ultra-high-purity oxide raw materials are needed, they can be made by metal salt or compound salt decomposition method, or by high-purity metal oxidation method. Raw materials of refractory compounds, such as SiC, BN, SiN, MaSi, etc(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). These raw materials are synthesized by electrofusion or sintering.

(bulk buy high quality white alumina grit philippines)Nitride special refractories(arc fused alumina). Some high-purity raw materials are made from elemental elements by ammoniation at high temperature, such as BN and SiN. Composite raw materials, composite raw materials have the following types: the first is the compound between oxides, such as mullite (3Al2O3·SiO2), chromium corundum (Al2O3·Cr2O3), wrong corundum (Al2O3·Z4O), Titanium corundum (Al2O3·TiO2), spinel (MgO·Al2O3), (MO·CrO2).

The second type is the recombination between oxides and refractory compounds(silicon carbide price), such as SiO2, SiC, Al2O3, SiC, Al2O3, SiN, B2O, BN, etc. The third type is compounding between refractory compounds, such as SiC-SiN and BN-ZB. The fourth is the compound between metal and oxide (cermet), such as Al2O3, -Mo, MsO-Mo, Al2O3, Cr, etc(brown fused alumina for abrasive). and the compound between carbide and metal, such as TiC-Ni-Mo, Cr, CG-Ni-Cr, TiC-Ni, etc.

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