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Bulk Buy Low Price High Purity Alumina Czech

However, the composition of the silk threads woven by the screen will also affect the ink passing performance(glass beads supplier). Taking 200 mesh nylon net as an example, opening degree and wire diameter can be calculated under known conditions. The following briefly introduces the performance and characteristics of these kinds of screens(brown aluminium oxide grit). At the same time, this kind of net material can only be used in less demanding occasions.

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The ink passing performance of the monofilament woven net is better than that of the multi-filament woven net(brown fused alumina). Among the several commonly used nets, nylon nets, and stainless steel nets are all woven from monofilaments, while the series nets are woven from a few single threads spun into silk threads(steel shot abrasive), so polyester nets and nylon nets The ink passing performance of stainless steel mesh is better than fine mesh.(bulk buy low price high purity alumina czech)

The opening of the screen is affected by the number of mesh lines (ie, the number of meshes(silicon carbide price), the same below) and the diameter of the wire used for weaving the screen. It is not easy to understand from language alone. For example, using mathematical formulas to express the relationship between mesh opening(white aluminium oxide 180/220), wire diameter and grid, it is easier to understand the influence of screen opening on ink passability.

(bulk buy low price high purity alumina czech)The series mesh is too flexible(green carborundum). The wire mesh can be divided into fine mesh, nylon mesh, poly mesh, stainless steel mesh, metalized wire mesh, etc. according to the different weaving materials selected. Therefore, it is difficult for spun silk to be woven into a high-density mesh, even if it is woven into a high-density mesh(glass bead abrasive), mesh line number, it is difficult for ink to pass through, which affects the quality of screen printing.

Networking is the earliest type of network material used in the printing industry(silicon carbide companies). Today, in pursuit of high-precision graphic printing, it has been gradually replaced by other man-made fiber nets, polyester nets, which are now rarely used. The raw material of the current net is raw silk (silk)(best alumium oxide for glass blasting), which is made by spinning monofilament into a certain thickness of silk thread and then weaving it into a net cloth.

The characteristics of donation nets are first of all good water resistance, flexibility and fast recovery(arc fused alumina). During printing, due to the good elasticity, the screen can be restored immediately after the squeegee scrapes the ink. This feature is very important for screen printing, which is why the network can be used for a long time(garnet abrasive price). Among the kinds of screens here, polyester screens are currently the most widely used.(bulk buy low price high purity alumina czech)

Secondly, the net is resistant to water and heat(fused alumina). When stretching the net, first immerse the net in water to make it soft, and then stretch the net. Even if there is no stretcher, you can use manual methods to obtain a good quality of the net and make the well dry. Then the net can be stretched tightly and elastically(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Since the net is woven by a few monofilament threads, this thread is thicker and has fine thorns.

(bulk buy low price high purity alumina czech)The screen made of silk screen, in the printing process, when the oil storm passes through the holes of the silk screen(black oxide aluminum), it will penetrate into the silk, which will make the silk thick, which is not conducive to the passage of ink. Therefore, this screen has strong elasticity, so it has good release performance(glass beads manufacturers), the data such as mesh spacing, can obtain the best printing effect, and will not age after long-term use.

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