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At present, there are many ways to measure the viscosity of liquid continuously(pink aluminum oxide). The most complicated factor is to record the time of falling ball passing through a certain distance. In order to determine the time accurately, sensors such as inductive, photoelectric and radioisotope sensors can be used according to the structure of the instrument and the performance of the measured liquid(glass beads supplier). The ring size should be as small as possible.

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For this reason, the prototype of several instruments uses this method to measure viscosity(brown aluminium oxide). The simplest structure is the ahmetziyanov viscometer. Use a micrometer to read the liquid level through the special observation hole of the thermostat in which the molten liquid is heated(green carborundum). The radius of the capillary of the instrument is r = 0.03192 ± 0.00001 cm, and the length is 1 = 19.6 ± 0.1 cm; the radius of the riser is r = 0.425 ± 0.005 cm.

According to Stokes law, a variety of instruments are designed to test the viscosity of melt and high viscosity liquid(black aluminum oxide). In order to improve the measurement accuracy, the photoelectric system equipped with electronic time relay can be used to obtain the reading without delay time required by the falling ball passing through the fixed scale(46 grit aluminum oxide). There is a hole on the cover of the electric furnace, whose diameter ensures that the ball can pass freely.

This instrument can measure the viscosity of the melt below 700 ℃(brown fused alumina). In order to reduce the error caused by the twisting of the metal wire, the small mirror is hung on the metal wire in the form of a ring, or on the blackened metal wire without blackening the ring. A roller with bearing is installed on the bracket to rotate freely around its own axis(silicon carbide companies). The platinum wire is hung on the roller, and one end of the roller is tied with a platinum ball.

A falling ball viscometer has been designed and manufactured for continuous measurement of Newtonian liquid viscosity on assembly line(white alumina). The photoelectric viscometer is used to measure the material surface of the melt by the Arndt method with the falling ball hanging on the metal wire. There is a round platinum crucible in the electric furnace(arc fused alumina). The platinum wire is covered with a movable and polished ring. When relaxed, the ball falls freely.

The instrument is made of refractory glass(brown aluminum oxide). In order to be able to measure viscosity at a certain temperature, a temperature regulator is installed so that the required temperature can be maintained accurately. In order to make the regulator as accurate as possible, an accessory (such as equalizing element, differential device, etc.) can be attached to the regulator to make the temperature curve stable(fused alumina). The ball carrying platinum wire is wound on the grooved roller.

Two photoelectric elements (or photoresistors) are installed on the bracket, and a certain distance a is strictly kept between them(brown fused aluminum oxide). In the design, there are many holes drilled on the bracket for mounting photoelectric elements, so the distance a is variable. A illuminator is installed between the photoelectric elements, through which the two gratings (gaps) are very narrow beams of light(black oxide aluminum). The melt that needs to measure viscosity melts in the crucible.

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