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Bulk Buy White Aluminium Oxide Blasting Media Germany

In 1979, the service life of furnace wall reached 2600 heats(silicon carbide price), the service life of furnace bottom lining was about 1000 heats, and the unit material consumption was 1.9-2.5 kg / ton steel, of which the consumption of furnace wall was 0.65-1.70 kg / ton steel, the consumption of furnace bottom lining was 0.3-0.4 kg / ton steel(aluminum oxide blasting grit), and the consumption of fire-resistant coating or fire-resistant feeding material was 0.1-1.3 kg / ton Pot.

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The furnace bottom shall be constructed with leached and burnt bricks or magnesia bricks or specially treated square magnesia bricks(black aluminum oxide). The joints shall be made of square magnesia sand and granular solid asphalt, it is necessary to use more advanced furnace materials, mixed with tar, and then poured and tamped(arc fused alumina). The 250 ton bottom blown oxygen converter of South Chicago plant of Republic iron and steel company was built and put into operation in 1978.

The service life of the furnace wall is about 1440 times(pink aluminum oxide), and the maximum service life of the furnace bottom lining is 550-700 times, with an average of 300-450 times; in addition, the service life of the top and bottom oxygen blowing converter lining is generally 300-540 times, and the refractory consumption is 3-8kg / ton steel(steel shot abrasive). For example, Baju plant of Xinkou iron and Steel Co., Ltd. set a record of 2434 times of top and bottom blown oxygen converter in April 1982.

With the development of smelting process(white fused alumina), some countries in Western Europe adopt (OBM or LWS bottom blown oxygen converter steelmaking, furnace wall service life is about 1100 times, furnace bottom lining service life is about 455 times, refractory consumption is 3.6 ~ 6.0 kg / electric steel(fused alumina). In February 1983, No.3 converter of screw plant set a new record, making 3180 times of top and bottom blown converter in use. Although the furnace life is not high, the total cost is low.

Therefore, in the late 1970s, with the deterioration of the operating conditions of oxygen converter(white aluminum oxide), while the energy shortage requires to reduce the energy consumption of brick making. In recent years, Japan has improved the production method of converter brick, improved the gunning technology and strengthened the technical management of smelting operation(glass beads manufacturers), so that the lining life of top and bottom blown oxygen converter is significantly improved.

In this case, Japan and the United States and other countries have successfully applied the unburned magnesia die brick in the hot spot area of UHP EAF to the oxygen converter, and achieved gratifying results(white corundum). Recently, in the oxygen converter, magnesia carbon brick can be used in any part except the charging side furnace wall(garnet abrasive price). The application effect is good, and it is an important development direction of furnace lining materials in the future.

This can save manpower and refractories, and increase steel-making time(brown fused aluminum oxide). Around 1980, according to the specific situation of the plant, the domestic and foreign oxygen converter converting plants focused on the economic furnace life, with the focus on increasing production, improving quality and reducing consumption(glass bead abrasive). Smelting operation factors have great influence on lining life of oxygen converter, and many factors restrict each other.

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