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Bulk Buy White Aluminium Oxide Super Fine Germany

Gelatin is a kind of polymer compound(brown fused aluminum oxide). Obviously, under the action of external force, the movement inside the molecule The resistance is great. Therefore, the larger the molecular weight, the higher the viscosity. When PH = 4.7, the viscosity is the smallest, and when PH = 3 or 9.2, the viscosity value is relatively high(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The effect of concentration on viscosity is obvious, with high concentration, the viscosity is naturally large.

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Commonly used modifiers are of two types, one is heavy metal salts, such as chromium alum, etc., and the other is organic aldehydes, such as formaldehyde(black aluminum oxide). The effect of temperature on the viscosity of gelatin is more complicated. The larger the molecular weight, the longer the molecular chain, and the more cross-chain bonds between the molecules, so it is combined into a huge polymer group(steel grid). Therefore, To maintain a certain elasticity of gelatin, a certain amount of plasticizer should be added.

This is called the foaming capacity of gelatin(white fused alumina). When the temperature is low, the viscosity increases as the temperature increases. Between 65 ℃ and 80 ℃, the viscosity is relatively stable. When the temperature increases again, the viscosity decreases instead. The viscosity drops sharply at 90 ° C(green carborundum). Dipping is the process of mixing the rubber powder with a certain proportion of water and stirring it evenly, so that the rubber particles can fully absorb water and swell.

It can be expressed by two indicators(pink aluminum oxide). One is the foaming capacity, which is expressed in the amount of foam after vibration (ml). That is, how long does it take for the foam to completely disappear. Due to the low hygroscopicity of triol. Therefore, the product is not easy to regain moisture, which is unmatched by glycerin and other softeners(garnet abrasive). The maximum amount of hexanetriol can reach 10% of the total dry glue. The gelatin solution will produce foam under constant stirring or vibration.

For coated abrasives, foam is not good for the application of glue, so the foaming ability and defoaming time are both low(white aluminum oxide). Another very important feature of gelatin is that it can be modified chemically. Gelatin is very convenient to use, but it is very easy to absorb moisture in humid air, and it is easily corroded and deteriorated by mold under humid and hot conditions(garnet suppliers). Therefore, the necessary modification of gelatin is very important. The other type is plasticization, such as alkalized castor oil.

The chemical name of chromium alum is chromium potassium sulfate, the molecular formula is KSO2 · Cr2 (SO2) · 24H2O, the appearance is purple-red crystal, easily soluble in water(silicon carbide price). After adding the aqueous solution of chromium alum to the gelatin solution, the chromium ions combine with the carboxyl groups in the gelatin molecules to form a network structure of larger molecules: the free state water between the gelatin molecules is easily evaporated(aluminum oxide for sand blaster).

Currently used plasticizers have two types of effects, one is moisture absorption, such as glycerin, ethylene glycol, hexanetriol, etc.(white corundum), they have a strong ability to absorb moisture in the air, can maintain a certain amount of moisture in gelatin, so Make gelatin always have a certain elasticity(silicon carbide companies). Although it does not have the hygroscopic ability like glycerin, it does have a certain wetting effect in the gelatin molecules, so that the gelatin molecules have a certain sliding property.

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