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Bulk Buy White Aluminum Oxide Crystals USA

Many countries believe that the addition of metal oxides to increase the density and thermal conductivity of silicon bricks has been reported at home and abroad(white fused alumina). After 8 months of production operation, the masonry expands sharply, affecting the masonry The stability of the body structure(aluminum oxide grit). West Germany built a coke oven with a three-hole furnace wall thickness of 70 mm in 1971, and also obtained good results.

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These two bricks have not been officially used in coke ovens so far due to high prices and poor comprehensive performance indicators(white aluminum oxide). A wide range of iron-containing dense silicon bricks was used by a West German Otto company to build a five-hole coke oven for nearly 30%(aluminum oxide abrasive). Since the final temperature of the coke produced by the magnesia brick coke oven is relatively high, the coke strength and reaction capacity are relatively good.

In addition, West Germany also built a test coke oven with SiC-containing magnesia bricks(white corundum). Increasing the density of silicon bricks and improving their thermal conductivity have certain limits, and can only increase the production capacity by about 10%. Proof of production shows that the average coking time is 2.5 ~ 3.5 hours shorter, and the output is increased by 15 ~ 20%(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The new Steele-style point jealousy of Fan Island Steel in Japan.

The use of materials such as rigid bricks and magnesium bricks to build coke ovens has certain effects, but it is still in the middle of Industrial test stage(brown fused alumina price); another effective measure to improve the production capacity of the coke oven is to reduce the cover of the furnace wall of the carbonization chamber(green silicon carbide). The length, width and height of the furnace carbonization chamber are 1000, 45 and 880 mm, respectively.

When the temperature of the combustion chamber is the same(black aluminum oxide), the thickness of the furnace wall of the carbonization chamber is reduced from 110 mm to 85 mm and 70 mm. ℃ and 113 ℃. Reducing the thickness of the furnace wall can shorten the coking time and increase the production capacity of the coke oven(synthetic corundum). It was operated for more than two or three years and was later demolished for some reason, so they are all in the industrial trial stage.

The height of the carbonization chamber is 7.55 meters(silicon carbide abrasive). Except for the thickest three-layer silicon brick furnace wall, the thickness of the remaining furnace walls is reduced to 95 mm; Cideo Thyssen Steel The wall thickness of the carbonization chamber of the newly built large-volume coke oven in the plant was also tested(white alumina powder). Ten years after normal production, it was suddenly damaged and was shut down by Dee for unknown reasons.

Mixed with metal oxides to make dense silicon bricks, under long-term high temperature conditions of coke ovens(pink aluminum oxide), additives can produce component migration or accumulation, and reduce the load softening temperature and increase carbon deposition. The use of dense silicon bricks in the coking chamber of large-volume coke ovens is promising(emery abrasive). West Germany began to test coke ovens with magnesia bricks in 1968.

According to the data from NC Kenalsky(black silicon carbide), when the temperature is 1080 ~ 1230 ℃, the brick wall of the coke oven carbonization chamber is built with silicon brick made of crystalline quartz. To this end, coke oven workers in the Soviet Union and other countries believe that the true specific gravity of silicon bricks for large-volume coke ovens should be controlled at 2.34(white fused alumina suppliers), and the bulk density should be kept above 1.95 g / cm.

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