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Bulk Buy White Fused Alumina Abrasives Malaysia

MgO-C brick is made of high-purity magnesia, 5-20% scale graphite, and hot-hardening resin polymer as binder(silicon carbide abrasive). Because the brick contains graphite material, it has high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion rate, good thermal shock stability and slag resistance, but it is easy to oxidize in oxidation atmosphere(aluminum oxide grit). The brick is used in the key parts of the smelting furnace and its related thermal equipment, and the remarkable effect is obtained.

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But there was also a period of time when its production declined slightly(white fused alumina). The brick is characterized by high thermal conductivity, strong thermal shock stability, small thermal expansion rate, high compressive strength and strong chemical resistance. These bricks are widely used in blast furnace lining(synthetic corundum), coke oven head, heat exchanger, chemical furnace and other thermal equipment, xiehuoke plastic has excellent performance and good use effect, with good results.

In the early 1970s, refractory castables were mainly made up of aluminate cement, phosphate, refractory aggregate and powder(brown fused alumina price). However, the material needs to be rammed manually during construction, with high labor intensity and slow furnace building speed. In addition, in order to make up for the above shortcomings, there are also silicon nitride brick, high aluminum silicon carbide brick and other varieties(green silicon carbide). It can be used as submerged nozzle brick or in glass furnace.

High purity and high aluminum products mainly include corundum brick, corundum mullite brick and synthetic mullite brick, etc.(white aluminum oxide); there are also staggered quartz high aluminum brick, high aluminum-i ink brick and quartz brick, etc. The fundamental difference between these new bricks and traditional products is that they have high purity(emery abrasive), non-ferrous metallurgical furnace, less glass phase, and most of the main crystal phase forms a direct combination or network structure.

Months ago, it was replaced by bonded refractory castables, so its output dropped sharply, resulting in a proportion of less than 10%(black aluminum oxide); The above problems also exist in the refractory materials. Therefore, this kind of brick has high temperature strength, good high temperature creep resistance, strong slag resistance, erosion resistance and wear resistance(black silicon carbide), and is suitable for high temperature parts of dry kilns or parts with severe working conditions.

The fused quartz brick is made of fused quartz and fired in a kiln at 1200 ° C after forming(white corundum). The brick is characterized by high bauxite, good erosion resistance, small thermal expansion rate and good thermal shock stability. In short, in recent two years, due to the development of industrial kilns, the progress of refractories has been promoted, and many new varieties have emerged(brown fused alumina 60 grit), characterized by high purity, high density and high strength; but the construction is too troublesome.

In the process of using aluminate cement castable(pink aluminum oxide), due to the crystal transformation of cement and reaction with refractory powder and other substances, low melting point calcium feldspar and calcium aluminum yellow feldspar are formed, the structure is loose, resulting in softening melting and shrinkage deformation(aluminum oxide abrasive). For this reason, high-grade refractory aggregate and powder have been used, but the cost is too high, which affects the promotion and use.

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