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Therefore, montmorillonite has the functions of filtration, bleaching and purification(green silicon carbide powder). According to the mineral composition, it can be divided into four types: MgO, MgO Cao, MgO SiO and synthetic mineral materials mainly composed of MgO. Basic refractory materials are mainly composed of MgO, MgO Cao and mgo-sio2(aluminum oxide sandblasting). The changes of calcination process of magnesite can be summarized as follows.

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When there is free water, it expands, and its volume increases to become colloidal, so it is called bentonite(carborundum abrasives). When the temperature of montmorillonite is 100-300 ℃, it is easy to lose most of the interlayer water (nH2O), forming a strong endothermic Valley on the differential thermal curve(carborundum grit suppliers), and there is an endothermic Valley at 700 ℃ and 900 ℃, which is caused by the loss of structural water (OH) and the destruction of crystal structure.

This is different from other clay minerals(corundum sand). MgO mainly consists of magnesite; MgO Cao mainly consists of dolomite, magnesia dolomite and calcium magnesite; MgO SiO mainly consists of serpentine, chrysolite, forsterite, etc.; the synthetic magnesia materials include sea magnesia, fused magnesia, magnesia alumina spinel, magnesia chrome spinel, etc(silicon carbide abrasive grit). They are similar in physical properties, often closely coexisting and mixed together.

Magnesite is the mineral name of magnesium carbonate (mgCO2). It is a natural basic mineral material with magnesium carbonate as the main component(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The industrial application of magnesite is actually processed magnesite. The processed magnesite products are usually called magnesite(wilson abrasive). There are two kinds of magnesite: crystalline magnesite and amorphous magnesite. China is rich in magnesite resources with wide distribution, high quality and large reserves.

The crystalline magnesite is mainly located in the area from Dashiqiao to Haicheng, Yingkou, Liaoning Province, and its reserves account for 80% of the total in China(100 grit aluminum oxide). The one-step calcination process is as follows: raw material (magnesite with certain particle size requirements) → calcination (coke or ash free fuel is used in shaft kiln or rotary kiln(carborundum grit), calcination temperature is above 1600 ℃) → finished product inspection and separation → sintered magnesia.

Magnesite is mainly used for sintering magnesia, electric melting magnesia and the main raw materials for the production of basic refractories(silicon carbide grit). Magnesite is a common carbonate mineral, together with calcite, dolomite and other anhydrous carbonate minerals, which are collectively called calcite group minerals in mineralogy(silicon carbide 180 grit). Calcite group minerals have similar crystal structure and cation radius, which can form a wide range of isomorphism.

In addition to MgO, the chemical composition of its crystal structure magnesite also contains impurities such as Fe2O3, Al2O3, SiO2 and Cao(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The basic physicochemical changes occurred in the calcination process are as follows: first, decomposition of Marmite and crystal growth of periclase(black silicon carbide powder); second, under the action of high temperature, new minerals are formed by the interaction of impurity oxides or impurity oxides and MgO.

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