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Buy Brown Fused Alumina Cheap Price China

There are many types of fused alumina: fused white alumina (GB), fused dense alumina (GM), fused zirconium alumina (GA), fused chromium alumina (GG), fused titanium alumina (GT), brown fused alumina (GZ), fused sub-white corundum (GY). There are two methods of producing fused alumina. One is the batch type frit method (hulling furnace); the other is the semi-continuous pouring method (steelmaking electric furnace).

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Intermittent frit production of fused brown aluminum oxide is currently the commonly used production method. The transformer power of large furnace is 1000 ~ 2000kW, and the melting capacity of each furnace is 25 ~ 30t. The power of the transformer of the small-scale furnace is 600 ~ 1000kW, and each aluminum oxide abrasive furnace can melt 10 ~ 15t. Place the water-cooled furnace shell and feed it under the center of the electrode through the track.(buy brown fused alumina cheap price china)

The thickness of each feed does not exceed 150mm. It is common to have arc light, block color or off-white, and less pores. Other process parameters: brown aluminium oxide melting time is 15 ~ 30h, raw material consumption is 1050 ~ 1100kg per 1t corundum, power consumption is 2000 ~ 2500kW.h per 1t corundum, electrode consumption is 30 ~ 50kg per 1t aluminum oxide grit, and water consumption per 1t corundum is 10 ~ 15m3. See Table 3-15 for the technical parameters of various fused alumina.  

(buy brown fused alumina cheap price china)The arc starting operation using this arc starting material is simple, the arc is not easy to break, and no impurity pollution is caused to the electric melting material. The ratio of black corundum shavings to carbon powder is from 2: 1 to 3: 1. Electrofusion edge feeding to prevent arc interruption from affecting operation. Normal operation, normal operating current is controlled at 4000 ~ 5000A. Fused synthetic corundum has two operation methods: reduction and oxidation.

The oxidation method is a thin layer method. Adding zirconium oxide, chromium oxide, and titanium oxide to industrial alumina can produce zirconium corundum, pink corundum, and titanium corundum, respectively. The production process of fused white corundum is as follows: Electric furnace trailer structure, 4 to 5 layers of emery abrasive bricks are laid on the trailer table, 2 to 3 layers of corundum bricks, and the thickness of carbon bricks is greater than 200tnm.(buy brown fused alumina cheap price china)

To lay the furnace bottom material, lay industrial alumina on the trailer table, the thickness of the silicon carbide abrasive middle layer is about 200mm, and the furnace shell is about 300mm to prevent the solution from overflowing during arcing. Use a small electrode block on the bottom of the 46 grit aluminum oxide furnace to form a triangle or Y shape, and the 3 vertices should correspond to the 3 electrodes. It is also possible to use a mixture of aluminum shavings and carbon powder as the arc starting material.

(buy brown fused alumina cheap price china)Rhenium fused green silicon carbide uses industrial alumina as a raw material, and a small amount of an additive (AlF3) is added to improve the flowability of the Rhenium melt. To start the arc, first lower one electrode to contact with the electrode block of the arc and press it tightly, then lower the second and third electrodes until all the electrodes are isolated. As the current and voltage gradually increase, the aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit melting zone expands.

After the last layer is smelted, it is necessary to continue electromelting for 20 to 30 minutes to improve black silicon carbide Smelting effect. Furnace body cooling, water cooling device is installed outside the furnace shell. Forced water cooling is used in the electric melting process to prevent the furnace shell from brown fused alumina manufacturer overheating and burnout caused by high temperature melt overflow. Cooling can increase the cooling rate after the furnace is stopped.(buy brown fused alumina cheap price china)

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